Watch out bed bugs a revolutionary disinfection technique has your number

Bed bugs. They suck – literally in most cases enjoying many a dinner on you blood as the work to take over the world, or at least New York; however a new disinfection technique could be their worst nightmare.

Even more importantly this new technique discovered by a Queen’s University infectious disease expert could totally revolutionize hospital room cleaning, the bed bugs are just a nice bonus.

With more than 100,000 people dying every year from preventable infections that occur at hospitals around the country being able to come up with a better method of keeping hospital rooms clean is pretty important.

Even better .. the technology is pretty simple as it involves pumping a Medizone-specific ozone and hydrogen peroxide vapour mixture into a room and completely sterilizing everything – walls, beds, drapes, mattresses, chairs – everything.

While there are other methods that use gases as well Dr. Zoutman and Dr. Michael Shannon of Medizone International, located at Queen’s University feel that the Medizone method is far better because it also sterilizes as well as doing surgical equipment quality cleaning.

Additionally their method is faster than any of the other options as it can clean and sterilize a room in under a hour.

All these factors has helped to make the process very attractive to the big hotel chains because of the potential to save them millions of dollars in lost revenue and infected furniture, which in worst cases has to be totally destroyed.

via Science Daily