Michigan Police Pull Over Drivers, But Instead Of Traffic Citations, Drivers Get Christmas Presents [Video]

Police in Lowell, Michigan, had one mission in mind this holiday season — take someone’s bad day and turn it into a great day. The Lowell Police Department, with the help of Santa and some crazy elves, spread Christmas cheer throughout the city in the form of traffic stops. However, drivers were surprised when they received Christmas presents instead of traffic citations.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, Detective Gordy Lauren, who distributed the Christmas gifts, says he hopes the video combats negative stereotypes of police officials. With protests over the grand jury verdict of Officer Darren Wilson still underway throughout the country, Detective Lauren wanted to show that the police are not out to ruin your day.

In the video, you see Detective Lauren pulling over individuals after “minor traffic violations.” He approaches the vehicles and asks if Christmas shopping has been complete. Most will tell the officer of a few items that are still on their lists, or large ticket items that their children wanted but would not be getting due to financial constraints. At this point, Lauren goes back to his police car and radios to his secret Santa shoppers, who quickly collect the items on the driver’s list and wrap them for distribution. Santa and his elves can be seen sneaking to the police car to deliver the gifts, which Detective Lauren then presents to the waiting driver.

Most drivers are stunned at what has just happened, and can’t believe they just received a gift instead of a citation. Some question if a citation is also waiting.

This is definitely a holiday feel-good video that comes in perfect time for Christmas. What would you do if a police officer presented you with a gift instead of a traffic citation? Do you think the spreading of holiday cheer is a good use of tax money?