WWE News: Seth Rollins To Cash In Money In The Bank On Brock Lesnar Next Week?

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins has held his Money in the Bank briefcase since the summer. Many rumors have come about regarding when he might cash in. The problem is both men who would make the most sense for him to do it on wouldn’t seem to work. Brock Lesnar is the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He is supposedly set to take on Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 31 for the championship. That has been the plan for months, and it wouldn’t make sense to change them now, regardless of how well Rollins is doing.

Right now the rumor is that Seth Rollins will cash in on Lesnar next week, when he makes his triumphant return to WWE programming on Monday Night RAW live from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. According to SEScoops, Rollins will cash in next week and be unsuccessful in his cash-in. Rollins teased a cash-in on WWE RAW this past week in his conversation with Paul Heyman. Rollins did attempt to cash in on a fallen Lesnar a few months back at Night of Champions. Most feel he would have won the title that night had interference not caused him to lose his opportunity.

If Rollins were to cash in next week, it would make sense. Many are thinking that the timing of everything else kills the chance Rollins has to cash in. They do not want him to get the title from Lesnar, as it would hurt the chance for “Reigns to look strong.” They also do not want to ruin the new reign of Roman when he does win, as it would hurt his chances to be seen as a legit main eventer who could be better than John Cena.

Since Reigns won’t need to drop the title before the next Money in the Bank PPV, it would make sense to think that he would cash in and lose. It also helps the heel look for him. After The Authority went down, Rollins being “the future” went with it. So it would make sense for him to lose the case but remain a strong main event level heel. Right now, he could be the best heel in WWE. That said, he doesn’t need the case anymore, although it does help him in various ways.

Sure, Seth Rollins being only the third person to cash in and lose would be weird for a guy who could use it to become a star. However, it needs to be done to avoid any future issues. Plus, Lesnar is not around a lot. Otherwise, Rollins could have cashed in months ago. This does seem like the best option WWE has now. If Rollins were to win, it would ruin a lot of things for WWE. That said, do expect to see Rollins cash in, but don’t expect him to win the WWE World Heavyweight Title next week.

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