Teresa Giudice Not Broke? ‘RHONJ’ Star Reportedly Living Lavish Life As Prison Sentence Approaches, Is She Delusional?

Teresa Giudice will be facing 15 months in jail in less than a month. However, she definitely doesn’t seem like a person who is currently facing legal and financial difficulties. As a matter of fact, she and her husband, Joe, are reportedly living the same lavish lifestyle they were prior to being convicted of fraud. But, how can that be?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars still owe an estimated $415,000 in restitution, although Teresa has already paid $200,000. However, the amount paid did not come from funds she and Joe had in their possession. The money was secured through a $150,000 contract advance from Bravo and a $50,000 loan from a friend, reports ABC News. So, they definitely aren’t in a position to make sizable purchases. But apparently, Teresa and Joe are telling their children otherwise. Teresa has reportedly closed on a cooking series with the Bravo network worth more than an estimated $2 million annually. However, no further details about the series have been released.

A source close to the reality star recently shared some details about her presumably “delusional” lifestyle. Apparently, she and Joe are doing so to shield their children from the troubles they’re currently facing. Based on the children’s alleged Christmas lists, they have absolutely no idea their parents are struggling.

Hollywood Take reported the following.

“A source told Us Weekly that ‘Gia wants a Cartier bracelet and Louis Vuitton luggage’ for Christmas, while the wish for list Gabriella includes ‘a trip to Disney World and the Apple watch.’ The source also said that Teresa ‘thinks backing down from a $1,200 pair of shoes to a $400 pair is roughing it. There’s a real disconnect.'”

She’s also painting a delusion about going away for the children. Although that may pacify them for now, it will probably just make things worse when she prepares to leave next month. “She was vague, only telling them that Mommy and Daddy have to go away,” said a source. “She said they’ll be able to visit and talk on the phone, and that it’s a place where you can grow, become a better person and learn new things. The kids don’t fully understand.”

However, another insider recently revealed the truth. Although, she holds it together for her children, she is literally falling apart. “Teresa is devastated she has to spend even one day behind bars but she has already made this whole situation a money maker for her,” an insider told the Daily Mail. “Teresa does not want her kids to suffer because of her — and Joe’s — mistakes so she has been working on her life after prison and she is going to be very rich!”

Teresa Giudice is scheduled to report to prison on Jan. 5.

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