Angelina Jolie Called A ‘Minimally Talented Spoiled Brat’ By Producer In Leaked Sony Email

Angelina Jolie has been called a few names in her time, and while that is “par for the course” when it comes to Hollywood celebs, a recent leaked email from mega-producer Scott Rudin went a step further, allegedly calling her a “minimally talented spoiled brat.”

The email is one of many that were associated with the recent “Guardians of Peace” hack, which leaked Sony’s classified information, including internal emails and upcoming films.

The email in question was reportedly sent by Rudin to Sony co-chair Amy Pascal, dated November 27, and mentioned Angelina Jolie, singling her out, as Rudin ordered Pascal, “YOU BETTER SHUT ANGIE DOWN BEFORE SHE MAKES IT VERY HARD FOR DAVID TO DO JOBS,” referring to the current Steve Jobs biopic which is in the works at the moment.

When Pascal told Rudin not to threaten Jolie, the response in the email thread was that the Cleopatra film would be a box office bust that would tarnish both of their reputations. “I’m not remotely interested in presiding over a $180m ego bath that we both know will be the career-defining debacle for us both,” he wrote, adding he had “no desire to be making a movie with” Jolie.

The Guardian reported today that according to Rudin, the whole Angelina Jolie question was a huge waste of time.

“She’s a camp event and a celebrity and that’s all and the last thing anybody needs is to make a giant bomb with her that any fool could see coming. We will end up being the laughing stock of our industry and we will deserve it, which is so clearly where this is headed that I cannot believe we are still wasting our time with it.”

In the same email exchange, Rudin also ranted about Annapurna Pictures’ producer Megan Ellison, calling her a “flaky bipolar 28-year-old lunatic” who needs to be medicated to function; Ellison later tweeted, “Bipolar 28 year old lunatic..? I always thought of myself more as eccentric.”

It remains to be seen what other sensitive and confidential emails will be posted online following the Sony Pictures hack, as the true feelings of the people behind the scenes are revealed to the general public.