‘Russian Submarine’ Found Near Scotland Had British Navy Asking NATO For Help In English Channel

A potential “Russian submarine” was spotted off the coast of Scotland, and now the British Royal Navy is needing the help of NATO forces in tracking down this elusive sub found within the English channel.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the Russian nuclear navy is currently being modernized at a rapid pace, and it’s also predicted that China will be beat the U.S. Navy by 2020 in regards to the total number of vessels. Ron Paul believes that a “reckless” Congress has essentially declared war on Vladimir Putin and Russia based upon the recently passed U.S. House Resolution 758.

During October, Sweden deployed its military in the search for an alleged Russian submarine. The situation quickly escalated, and NATO nations reported intercepting Russian jets near the search area. Sweden threatened to used armed force in order to raise the potential Russian submarine. But finding the unknown foreign vessel proved to be the tricky part, and although Sweden provided evidence of a small U-boat breaching Sweden’s territorial waters, Russia blamed NATO while also claiming innocence.

In recent times, Russian warships entered the English Channel in order to conduct training exercises, and Russian jets confronted NATO jets over the Baltic. Now a potential Russian submarine was spotted by the British Navy where Royal Navy submarines normally surface as they head in or out of a base at Faslane, the home to Britain’s nuclear weapons deterrents. According to Reuters, Britain’s Ministry of Defense said it received help in searching for the alleged Russian submarine, but would not go into detail about when the operation took place and what they were looking for.

“NATO partners have provided assistance for the operation of maritime patrol aircraft from RAF Lossiemouth for a limited period with the Royal Navy. We do not discuss the detail of maritime operations.”

Reports were not clear about whether the alleged Russian submarine had entered British territorial waters. The reason England had to seek help from NATO was because the Ministry of Defense had scrapped its own anti-submarine Nimrod spy planes program back in 2010, which had been running nine years late and was £800 million over budget.

Angus Robertson MP, SNP defence spokesman, said the search for the alleged Russian submarine highlighted a large gap in Britain’s defenses.

“This is hugely embarrassing for the UK which is totally exposed without such critical maritime patrol assets. It is not the first time they have had to depend on the goodwill of allies to fill this massive capability gap.”

According to the Telegraph, Julian Lewis agreed, saying, “It’s inevitable that we will have to call on our allies to meet capability gaps, but what it also shows is the absolute necessity of ring fencing the defence budget at least to the NATO minimum level of two per cent.”

British authorities never made it clear if the hunt for the suspected Russian submarine was successful. Vladimir Putin has been accused of reviving the Cold War, although the Russian military insists they have not sent any submarines into territorial waters claimed by other countries.