American Girl Doll Sale From ‘Today’ Show Jill’s Steals & Deals — Special TV Offer With 60 Percent Off American Girl Dolls

The Today show has offered fans new special sales and deals on their Steal and Deals website on December 10, and one of the most popular savings is proving to be the American Girl doll savings, as witnessed by the popularity of the URL on the “What’s Hot” list. It’s called Jill’s Steals & Deals, and it’s a special TV offer with 60 percent off certain American Girl dolls and collections.

Those who know how expensive American Girl dolls tend to be will understand why the special sale launched on December 10, which lasts through 8:30 a.m. Central Time on December 11 — or while the American Girl doll supplies last — is burning up the internet today. A page with the text “American Girl: Follow your inner star” on the American Girl online store shows that the sale reflects 60 percent off of special American Girl doll collections.

With exclusive offers on American Girl dolls like the Isabelle & Pet Collection: Jill’s Steals & Deals, going for only $68 — when that American Girl collection is normally $172, one can see why online shoppers are snapping up these American Girl doll deals.

Additional options include the American Girl exclusive offer for only $100 for the Isabelle Dance Collection: Jill’s Steals and Deals, which is normally priced at $158. There’s also the American Girl doll exclusive offer for only $27 for Isabelle’s Dance Case, which is normally priced at $44. Lastly, there’s the exclusive offer of $40 for Isabelle’s Dance Barre, which generally runs with a price tag of $65, so those American Girl dolls will probably sell out soon.

The offer on the American Girl dolls is only valid with a valid key code, with a limit of one of each American Girl doll collection per customer.

The American Girl doll franchise is known to have expensive dolls with stores where shoppers can get all sorts of services for their dolls, including a trip to the beauty salon.

According to CNN, the most popular toys this Christmas season include the Frozen dolls Anna and Elsa, along with Transformers, Star Wars, and other toys based on movies. My Little Pony toys are big with both boys and girls. Nerf toys also rule the roost still after years.

As reported by the Inquisitr, a list of the most dangerous toys has recently been released, but not to worry — the American Girl dolls did not appear on the list of naughty toys.

[Image credit of American Girl dolls: NationSwell]