Michelle Duggar Speaks Out About Miscarriage of 20th Child

The Duggar Family, stars of the controversial TLC show 19 Kids and Counting, were devastated to learn yesterday that Michelle Duggar’s 21st pregnancy had ended in miscarriage.

The family learned of the pregnancy loss during a routine sonogram to determine the baby’s gender. Duggar had previously suffered a pregnancy loss after her first child was born, ascribing the first miscarriage to the use of birth control pills. Shortly thereafter, she and Jim Bob Duggar made the decision to cease using birth control of any sort, and at the age of 45, the Duggars are parents to 19 and grandparents to the two children of son Josh Duggar and his wife, Anna.

Michelle Duggar spoke to People magazine about the experience. Duggar suffered series complications during the birth of youngest child Josie, and that it is often suggested the number of pregnancies she has carried to term as well as her advanced age make further babies risky. She says:

“Our doctor said it was wise to let this miscarriage happen naturally. And so that is what we are going to do… I am resting and I have felt good physically, which is strange.”

Duggar also reveals the name the family had chosen for the first miscarried baby despite not having learned its gender:

“We named that baby Caleb even though we didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl because that miscarriage was early. We will name this child and will know that we will see those children again someday in heaven.”

The Duggars plan to hold a funeral service.