Cracker Barrel Waitress: Cracker Barrel Customers Buy Waitress A Car, It’s The ‘Best Tip Ever’

A Cracker Barrel waitress in Missouri got quite the tip from a couple of loyal customers. According to the New York Daily News, Gary Tackett and his wife, Roxann, wanted to do something special for waitress Cindi Grady, after they got to know her from frequent visits to the restaurant over the summer. The Tacketts learned about Cindi, and found out about the condition of the car she had been driving — and that made them want to do something special for her.

“The blue 2002 Hyundai Accent had a shattered front passenger side window and the front driver’s side window was stuck in the down position and the open panel was covered in plastic wrap. The vehicle also had a damaged hood and a belt was tied around it to ensure it would remain shut, and had a bent frame. The damaged alignment meant she had to replace her back tires every few months,” Grady told the Daily News.

The Cracker Barrel waitress could hardly believe her eyes when the Tacketts presented her with a new car — and the whole thing was filmed by their daughter.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Really? No way,” Cindi said, as she was taking a walk over to see her car.

“It’s not new, but it’s new to you,” said Mr. Tackett.

His daughter posted a message about the not-so-random act of kindness on Facebook.

“My parents saw the car and wanted to either fix it or get her something better to last through the winter months. My parents are the most generous, kind-hearted, loving people I know. I’m so proud to be their daughter! Merry Christmas!”

According to ABC 8, Cindi also took to Facebook to express her gratitude for what she refers to as “the best tip ever!”

“This was the nicest gift I have ever gotten and from barely strangers. I’m still shell shocked.”

The Cracker Barrel waitress isn’t the only waitress to ever receive such a handsome “tip.” There have been quite a few overly-generous customers that have made headlines this year. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Justin Timberlake left a waitstaff a $4,000 tip over the summer. Of course, it is a bit different when a celebrity tips big, but the sentiment is the same.

Timberlake and 20 of his pals partied at Crystal Cologne Club in Germany after his tour, and he decided to show his appreciation for the club’s hospitality in the form of a hefty tip. Waitstaff said they were “amazed” by Timberlake’s generosity.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]