Professional Snowboarder Kevin Pearce Steps Back Onto The Slopes After Brain Injury

Two years ago professional snowboarder Kevin Pearce hit his head in a halfpipe training accident, causing him to slip into a coma and leaving his with traumatic brain injury, blurred vision and memory issues. now Despite his various injuries Pearce will return to the slopes this weekend for the first run since his accident.

While he won’t be heading back to the professional snowboarding circuit Pearce will ride for the first time with the gathering support of his friends and still loyal fans.

Pearce will ride down the slopes of Breckenridge, Colorado and he has said to his fans that he won’t be attempting any big air. Pearce told the New York Times:

“Putting myself in a place where I can get hit in the head is so not worth it now,” and “After going through this, just jumping on a snowboard and cruising around is enough for me.”

While the former professional continues to battle against memory problems he’s hoping that muscle memory will help him with his ride, he even equates snowboarding to riding a bike, something you just never forget.

Pearce almost hit the slopes a few weeks earlier but eventually decided that he wanted the support of his fans who have been snowboarding while wearing the slogan “I Ride for Kevin.”

Whether or not you follow the sport of snowboarding what Kevin Pearce has accomplished in the last few years in nothing short of a miracle, here’s to wishing him the best on his first ride since that nerve racking day two years ago.