Fox Sports Reporter Erika Reidt Suspended For Eric Garner Comment: ‘I Can Breathe Because I Obey The Law’

As many times as it’s resulted in the death of someone’s career, public figures still seem to keep forgetting that they need to keep a careful eye on their social media activity. Erika Reidt, a Fox Sports correspondent for their Spanish language network, is the latest to fall to the Twitterverse’s court of public opinion. The Fox correspondent commented on an Instagram photo in which Kobe Bryant was pictured wearing an “I Can’t Breathe” shirt in protest of the Grand Jury’s decision in the Eric Garner case.

Although Erika’s original comment appears to have been deleted, Buzzfeed reports that the Fox Sports correspondent wrote the comment on Tuesday evening. Reidt’s statement immediately initiated a flurry of responses on Instagram — many of whom made the connection between Erika and her employer, Fox Sports. Although Reidt did have her defenders, the majority of the comments directed at her “I Can Breathe” statement were negative.

Captura de pantalla 2014-12-10 a la(s) 11.34.49 AM Erika, however, is taking the position that her account was hacked, saying that she had nothing to do with the “I Can Breathe” comment or any other Eric Garner-related posts that may have been made when she claims her account was compromised.

I want to clarify in regards to the comment about Eric Garner, my account was hacked & apparently that comment was posted without my conset — Erika Reidt (@ErikaReidt) December 10, 2014

I am trying to investigate who posted this horrific comment. I was on a run when this comment was posted and realized that it was posted

— Erika Reidt (@ErikaReidt) December 10, 2014

When I began receiving all these crazy messages. That is not the only post made. There are posts to sites I don’t know. I don’t believe

— Erika Reidt (@ErikaReidt) December 10, 2014

Anyone deserves to die. I am praying for Eric Garner’s family and also that police become more compassionate about our communities needs. — Erika Reidt (@ErikaReidt) December 10, 2014

I was raised in the hood and know the struggles our minority communities go through. I pray we become the system and abolish all racism. — Erika Reidt (@ErikaReidt) December 10, 2014

Reidt’s defense doesn’t seem to have completely diffused the situation with Fox Sports quite yet though. The station posted about Erika’s comment soon after her apology appeared, saying that the allegations that she had posted the “I Can Breathe” comment were under investigation.

FOX Deportes is investigating the comments made by freelancer Erika Reidt and has suspended her until further notice.

— FOX Deportes (@FOXDeportes) December 10, 2014

Erika’s response didn’t seem to do her any more favors with the public than it did with Fox Sports. Twitter response continued to be very negative, continuing through this morning as news source begin to spread the story. Many specifically faulted Reidt on her apology itself — attacking her appeal for credibility that she “grew up in the hood.”

Do you think Erika Reidt deserves to be fired from Fox Sports over the “I Can Breathe” comment?

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