Rachel Crow Breaks Down on Stage After ‘X Factor’ Elimination [Video]

Rachel Crow was sent home last night after a dramatic episode of “The X Factor.” Crow, who found herself in the bottom two, could have been saved by Nicole Scherzinger, but Nicole voted to put the vote into a deadlock and let America decide.

America voted. Marcus Canty won. And the thirteen-year-old Rachel Crow broke down on stage.

Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell both voted to send Marcus Canty home, and Scherzinger could have made the decision final if she had agreed. But Scherzinger voted against Crow even though she was shocked to see the young singer in the bottom two. Scherzinger said:

“I can’t make this decision. Please, I can’t make this decision, because I’ve been up there and I know how it feels and I love and adore both of you. I have to go with a deadlock, please.”

Here’s the video of Rachel Crow’s elimination.

Even though Crow was devastated on stage, the young girl said that she wasn’t upset with Scherzinger’s decision. Crow told E!:

“I feel really bad. Nicole was so sad. I saw her in her room and she was still crying. I hugged her and it was okay. She’s fine. She’s amazing. It was not her fault.”

Despiter her elimination, Simon Cowell had some encouraging words for the young singer. Cowell said:

“I want to say that I want to thank everyone who voted for this young girl. I believe that she went out on the highest she could have gone out on and like I said, from the very first time I met you, we’re going to be hearing a lot more about Rachel Crow. I’ll give you my word on that.”

Last week, Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger received death threats after they voted off Drew Ryniewicz from the X Factor. Cowell asked viewers to try to keep their emotions in check, or as Cowell put it, “get a life.”

What do you think of Rachel Crow’s elimination from “The X Factor?” Did you vote for her?