Rome Bomb: Letter Bomb Explodes in Italian Tax Office

Authorities say a letter bomb exploded at a tax collection agency in Rome, Italy on Friday, injuring the organization’s director.

According to a report by the Washington Post, Marco Cuccagna, Director General of Equitalia, suffered injuries to his hand and eyes when opening the bomb-fitted parcel, which detonated around noon local time.

Following the bombing, which authorities believe to be the work of Itailian anarchist group Federazione Anarchica Informale (Informal Anarchistic Federation), Cucagna was taken to the hospital, but the severity of his injuries are unknown.

Prime Minister Mario Monti issued a statement expressing ” solidarity,” adding: “Equitalia has always carried out and is continuing to carry out its duty in full respect of the law.”

“It is essential for the functioning of the state, without which it would be impossible to provide services to citizens,” he said.

According to the India Times, the Rome letter bomb was the second in Europe in as many days.

Just yesterday, a mail bomb was sent to Deutsche Bank AG Chief Executive Josef Ackermann, the man some consider the spokesperson for German capitalism.

That bomb was intercepted, however, before it reached Ackermann’s office.