Taylor Halbur Setting Aside Differences With Chelsea Houska To Focus On Their Kids

Taylor Halbur may not be a reality show star in the sense that she has been on an MTV show for several seasons, but she did make several appearances on the hit show Teen Mom 2. That is because Taylor dated and has a baby with Adam Lind, the troubled bad boy who recently found himself in more trouble. Although Adam is no stranger to trouble, recent charges brought against him reportedly have the mother of his children worried. Now, a new report suggests that two of his exes will be setting aside their differences in order to protect their children.

Chelsea Houska appeared on 16 and Pregnant where she shared her pregnancy story with fans. Adam was instantly unlikeable and that didn’t change when the couple continued on the spin-off Teen Mom 2. Although she realized the relationship wasn’t the best, Chelsea had a hard time moving on from the father of her daughter. Eventually, she was able to move on with her life and on from Adam, who then moved on with Taylor Halbur.

Taylor and Adam appeared to have a stable relationship despite his past. The two were happy and when they announced that they were expecting a child, many fans hoped that Adam had matured and would be there for both of his kids. Taylor spent a lot of time with Adam and Chelsea’s daughter, something that made Chelsea a bit uncomfortable. When Taylor gave birth to Adam’s second daughter, Paislee, Aubree spent time with her new sister as well as Taylor and Adam.

In an episode of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea Houska claimed that Taylor Halbur had tried to reach out to her in the past via text, but Chelsea wasn’t too happy about that, venting to a friend, “I don’t want to sit there and talk s**t about Adam with you. I don’t care about what you think, all I care about is my situation, b***h.'”

After that episode aired, Taylor reacted to fans on Twitter saying, “Actually, most of the information you were told tonight was false.. But I believe everything I see on TV too.”

It is easy to see that these two girls have had their issues so it is kind of surprising that they are setting aside their feelings to work together. However, the reason that they are meeting up is to ensure that the daughters they have with Adam Lind are safe, Radar Online reports.

“Chelsea and Taylor are putting aside their differences because they both want the best for their kids. They don’t trust Adam and are concerned about the recent series of events in his life. Taylor has damning information about Adam to tell Chelsea. They know they will catch him in so many lies.”

It is unclear what the women hope to accomplish, but it has been reported that Chelsea isn’t comfortable leaving her daughter alone with Adam after recent allegations that Adam Lind has a violent temper. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, domestic stalking charges against Lind were not dropped and he will be going back to court next year. If he opts not to take a plea deal, there is a chance the case will be heard by a jury. His ex, Brooke, still has a restraining order against him.

Taylor Halbur has remained quiet about Adam’s latest arrest. Although she hasn’t said much, she may feel similar to Chelsea about the recent events. Her most recent tweet reveals that she was moving, although she didn’t go into any details. Hopefully she and Chelsea will be able to set aside their differences for their daughters.

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