Kate Middleton Related To The Queen’s Mother

Kate Middleton was reportedly related to Queen Elizabeth’s mother.

According to the Daily Mail, Michael Reed, an Australian art historian, made the discovery when he was researching the Blakiston-Bowes cabinet.

This famous piece of furniture was built in Newcastle around 1700. The cabinet has the family crests of both the Blakiston and Bowes families on its doors. It was created to celebrate the wedding of the two biggest families in County Durham. The Blakiston Baronets and the Baronets of Conyers of Hordern were believed to be the wealthiest landowners in the entire North of England.

Queen Elizabeth’s mother and Kate Middleton were connected through Sir William Blakiston, who hailed from Gibside Hall, which is near Gateshead, North-East England.

It has been alleged that the two families decided upon the wedding because both families wanted to share each of their vast coal estates that were situated at Gibside Hall.

The Queen Mother is the great granddaughter of William, and she is believed to have last traveled to the family estate in 1968. Meanwhile, Kate Middleton’s ancestors were part of the Baronets of Conyers of Hordern.

Reed went on to explain that it made a lot of sense that Kate Middleton wore the Queen Mother’s tiara during her wedding to Prince William as she shared so much history with her.

“It makes sense that Kate wore the Queen Mother’s tiara when she married Prince William — both women share a great deal, Durham ancestry, the vast Gibside Estate and the same famous cabinet.”

The Express went on to discuss this discovery with Anita Atkinson, a Wearside Royalist. Anita declared that she wasn’t surprised by the revelation.

“It does not surprise me at all because when Kate married William, I hoped that she would take County Durham from where the Queen Mother left it because each member of the Royal family used to have their own area and when the Queen Mother was alive she was always here.”

“Of course we have to remember that the Queen Mother was not royal, she was only a member of the Royal family because she married a prince, but if we look at the ancestry of the Royal family we would see that they were intermarried all the time.”

The Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke are currently in the United States for a three-day tour.

[Image via IB Times]