Baby Filthy Garage: Anacortes Couple Arrested After Police Find Baby, Heroin In Filthy Garage

Adam GriffithUnsplash

A baby was living in a filthy garage in Anacortes, Washington, with his parents, who were arrested after police found them over the weekend. According to Komo News, police investigated the garage after a concerned citizen called them. Apparently, an unclear number of adults had been living in the garage without heat or electricity for an unknown amount of time. The conditions were described as “disturbing” as police found pesticide, rat poison, dirty clothing, and empty cans in the small space.

“What they found was really quite disturbing. There were four adults present. All of them appeared to be under the influence of heroin. There was heroin and paraphernalia as well as other drugs found on the scene,” said Anacortes Police Chief Bonnie W. Bowers.

The baby in the filthy garage in Anacortes is lucky to be alive. Bowers said that the tot was in a playpen of sorts with quite a few items piled inside with him. She said that the baby could have suffocated. The child was cold when he was found, and he was taken to a nearby hospital for care. He has since been released and has been placed with a foster family through CPS.

“It’s a shock that there’s a baby involved and at risk, however, drug use and heroin use permeates every community — small, large, affluent, poor — it’s universal,” Bowers said. According to Seattle PI, the baby’s mother and her boyfriend (presumably the baby’s father) were taken to Skagit County Jail. They face charges of criminal mistreatment and possession of heroin, and are both being held on $100,000 bail.

There have been a few cases of babies being found in strange places this year. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a new mother dropped her infant in a drain because she apparently did not want the child. The incident happened last month in Australia. The mother was found and arrested, and the baby was doing well at the time of the report.

“The tiny 4-pound boy is only a few days old and was taken to the city’s general hospital for treatment of injuries including a broken arm. A woman has been charged with attempted murder after a newborn baby was found in a drain in Sydney’s west on Sunday. Police will allege the baby, believed to have been born on Monday, was placed into the drain on Tuesday, 18 November,” police said in regard to that case.