What Happened To The Racism Circus Caused By Eric Garner’s Death? Exposed Detail From Case Shut It All Down!

Recently, the United States has been split thanks to people playing the race card, specifically black and white. Starting with the situation between Michael Brown and Darren Wilson in Ferguson, the race card has now been implemented into the case pertaining to Eric Garner, the African-American man who died from a chokehold applied by Daniel Pantaleo, a police officer who happens to be white. The Inquisitr kept up with the latest news pertaining to this volatile situation and how race card is playing a part. This includes the creation of social media hashtag #CrimingWhileWhite, becoming popular in the wake of Garner’s death even though his daughter, Erica Garner, stated the case is not even a black and white issue.

Now the decision has passed that Daniel Pantaleo will not be charged for killing Eric Garner with a chokehold. There are still protests happening, especially among famous people such as LeBron James, but it seems the race card angle has disappeared. Why is that? The answer comes in reports showing one singular detail that has squashed the race card angle in its entirety. It is true that Panteleo was the one who applied the choke hold, but his superior who supervised the situation was an New York Police Department (NYPD) sergeant, an African-American woman.

Eric Garner
An African-American female NYPD sergeant was in charge of the crime scene. She does absolutely nothing in the wake of Eric Garner's complaints of his inability to breathe.

According to Daily News, it reports that because of the black sergeant in charge of the crime scene, the race card is taken out of the equation. As awful as Daniel Pantaleo’s actions were, it should be noted that the black sergeant does absolutely nothing to stop it. Therefore, the grand jury had nothing left but to decide if Pantaleo had malicious intentions, in which they decided he did not, thus closing the case.

IJReview also reported on this detail too, but took note that the case in general was outrageous for different reasons, specifically for the NYPD’s reporting of the altercation. Apparently, the report seems to be extremely selective, standing in contradiction to the facts as the public plainly saw it. IJReview utilized a picture from Daily News of the police report to back up their claim.

Eric Garner
The report provided by they NYPD is very selective. Notice it does not mention a chokehold whatsoever.

As shown from the picture above, the report makes no mention of the chokehold along with claims that Eric Garner showed no signs of distress despite Garner constantly saying “I can’t breathe,” in the recording. In conclusion, the report is trying to debunk everything civilian eyewitnesses and the world have already seen.

Now that you’ve read the news of the singular detail that removes the race card from the Eric Garner case, what do you think? Does this justify Daniel Pantaleo’s actions somewhat or should he still be persecuted along with the black sergeant for doing absolutely nothing during the situation?

[First Post Image via Bing, Second Post Image via Daily News]