Kid Rock Lets Mitt Romney Use ‘Born Free’ as Campaign Theme

Well, at least he didn’t give it to Rick “Strong” Perry.

Although Kid Rock has been an active supporter of the Republican Party in the past, he’s also been present at liberal-leaning events like Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Fear and/or Sanity, which may give the impression the rocker his closer to the center. But he threw support behind Republicans in 2012 in a big way by allowing permission for GOP candidate Mitt Romney to use one of his songs during the campaign.

While it may seem to be a bit of an odd pairing- the straight-laced Mormon presidential contender and the Jack Daniels-hugging, “funny things” smoking party rocker- use of a Kid Rock song will probably also help Romney appeal to a key demographic, particularly for the 2012 campaign. Voters between the ages of 18 and 30 are quite likely to be impressed by Romney’s cool choice of song and perhaps more likely to send their vote that way.

Of his choice to allow Romney to use his song, Kid Rock was sanguine and upbeat. He said on his blog:

He and anyone else who wants to use my song do not need my permission. I said he could use it and I would say the same for any other candidate. I have to have a little faith that every candidate feels like he or she can help this country. Without faith, we got nothing. I make music to have it be heard. Merry Christmas folks! Rock on.

-Kid Rock

PS: Any candidate who makes “So Hott” their theme song has a good chance of getting my vote.

Do you think Mitt Romney’s use of the Kid Rock song below will curry favor with younger, swing voters?