Julien Dupont Does Crazy Motorbike Stunts On Montana Rusa Rollercoaster [Vid]

Watch daredevil rider Julien Dupont, 34, go on a terrifying motorbike ride on the world famous Montana Rusa roller coaster at La Feria de Chapultepec Magico amusement park in Mexico City.

Riding the rollercoaster at Mexico’s famed theme park, strapped safely to a purpose-built carriage supposedly for “amusement,” is some people’s idea of daredevil courage, but for Dupont it is a punishing ordeal he would scornfully leave for wussies. Dupont’s idea of thumbing your nose at death is turning the roller coaster track into a trials track and riding the entire rattling 50-year-old wooden structure on a motorbike.

And not even the disorienting g-forces of the rise and falls of this devilishly torturous track were enough for the French adrenaline junkie. Watch Dupont perform wheelies and two backflips on his motorbike as he ascends the almost 1-mile-long roller coaster circuit, designed for a powerless gravity-assisted train, to its 110-ft summit.

Dupont, who admits that he was nervous before going on Mexico City’s towering landmark, described his latest death-defying motorbike stunt as the “sickest ride ever.”

“Now I feel better, for sure. This morning, I was very nervous because I’m not used to riding this kind of stuff. It was the sickest ride ever!”

But being nervous before the event was not sufficient to stop the daredevil stuntman from riding his motorbike up the roller coaster, once the world’s tallest, while members of the Red Bull team watched from a safe distance.

“This is why I love Mexico, because this is the place where the impossible becomes possible. There’s no place in the world where I could do the same.”

For wussies like us it appears to border on derangement that anyone would repose so much confidence in his mastery of a motorbike to contemplate such an insanely dangerous stunt on a 50-year-old roller coaster track.

“I began motorcycling thanks to my father, who used to take me with him on his own motorbike in a special backpack when I was six months old … this experience traumatized me!”

But it is not the first time that the eccentric Julien Dupont has been known to tempt fate on the motorbike. In 2012, the eccentric trials rider went to Rio de Janeiro’s Vidigal favela, where he survived the ordeal of a deathride through the neighborhood’s narrow walkways and alleys.

The Montana Rusa was built in 1964. It was renovated and refurbished in the 1980s at a cost of $800,000 and briefly renamed Serpiente de Fuego. The builder famously commented after the renovation that he was “80 percent sure” that passengers would not be thrown out of their seats while riding the refurbished roller coaster.