Maryland Teacher Eats Pot Brownie, Student Faces Criminal Charges

A Maryland teen is facing criminal charges for allowing his teacher to eat a pot brownie. According to reports, the Broadneck High School student was caught eating the chocolaty treat during class. When his teacher asked him to share, he failed to inform her that it was laced with marijuana.

As stated in the police report, the teacher was taken to the nurse’s office as “she will feeling ill and acting disoriented.” Although she was unsure what happened, the teacher said “she had reason to believe it was a marijuana brownie.”

The Broadneck High School Resource Officer interviewed the student and his girlfriend about the incident. The 17-year-boy confirmed that his teacher did eat a pot brownie. However, he did not bring them to school for that purpose.

The teen claims he “got scared and panicked” when she asked him to share his brownies. As he was unwilling to admit that the brownies were laced with pot, he simply shared them with his teacher.

School officials said the suspect’s girlfriend, 16, also ate one of the brownies. Although she appeared lethargic, she did not seem to suffer any negative side-effects. As reported by WBALTV, authorities do not believe anyone else ate the marijuana-laced brownies.

Maryland authorities confirmed the teen was arrested and processed through the juvenile detention center. He is charged with CDS administer marijuana, CDS distribution, Second Degree Assault, and reckless endangerment for allowing his teacher to eat the pot brownie. The suspect was eventually released into the care of a parental guardian.

School officials are warning students to avoid eating food products provided by other students. Although marijuana is generally considered less potent then other drugs, it can cause serious issues if consumed in large quantities. Pot laced brownies and treats are a specific concern for younger children.

In April 2013, three seventh graders were hospitalized after eating pot brownies. Authorities confirmed the students consumed the brownies at TeWinkle Intermediate School in Costa Mesa, California.

Although all three students recovered, another 12-year-old student was arrested for bringing the pot brownies to school and sharing them with his friends. He was later charged with several counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The Maryland teacher who ate the pot brownie was treated and released from the hospital. However, the 17-year-old boy is facing serious charges. Although he was charged as a juvenile, he could serve jail time if convicted.

[Image via Huffington Post]