Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet Reaches One Million Production Units

Barnes & Noble is now rumored to have produced their one millionth Nook Tablet.

While the company has not yet confirmed that production number unnamed sources for Nook manufacturer Inventec and several upstream parts providers tell DigiTimes that the components were purchased and the devices were built.

B&N recently announced that they planned to ship 800,000 Nook Tablet devices by the end of the year. If the new number is correct it could mean that the company has surpassed expectations by 20% thanks to stronger than expected holiday sales, it could also reveal that the company under promised in order to over deliver.

While executives have been slow to reveal numbers they have said that the device is by far its fastest selling E-reader to date while the devices content and accessories increased by 85 percent since the device launched for a total of $220 million.

An increase in sales couldn’t come at a better time for the company after they posted a $6.6 million loss during the Q2 2011. Better than expected sales also helps Inventec after being dealt a blow when Hewlett-Packard (HP) decided to discontinue the production of their WebOS-based TouchPad tablets.

Are you surprised by the sudden surge in Nook Tablet sales despite increased competition from the Amazon Kindle Fire and other Google Android based tablets?