ISIS Sex Slaves: Chilling Checklist Of How To Treat Female Prisoners Released

As Islamic State militants continue their takeover of large swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria, it is estimated that some 5,000 women and minors have been captured by the extreme Islamist group during their campaign of terror and sold as, or used as, sex slaves.

According to Islamic law, when women are captured in war they can be used and sold as sex slaves, even if they are as young as nine years old. This ancient and barbaric practice is being used once again by the IS, which has enslaved women, sometimes raping them, and sold them at markets.

A chilling document released recently by the IS’ “Department for Prisoners and Women’s Affairs” outlines specific do’s and dont’s for how to handle female sex slaves caught in battle, including exactly who can be made a sex slave, when a woman should be beaten, and under what circumstances it is justified to rape prepubescent girls.

The department in question is headed by Abu Suja, who helps the terror group enforce policy decisions made by the Shura Council, a religious advisory body appointed by leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to study the Koran and make rulings based on its interpretation of sharia law.

The document, which was obtained by the Middle East Media Research Institute and published on its website, outlines the full horror of being a woman or child at the hands of the IS with their radical interpretation of Islamic law. Answers are provided to questions such as “Is it permissible to have intercourse with a female captive immediately after taking possession,” and “If the female captive was impregnated by her owner, can he then sell her?”

Interestingly, the IS is making a fortune not only in revenue from oil, but also from extortion and protection money paid by companies and individuals operating in areas under its control. It also makes money from farming, water services, electricity production, and the sex slave industry.

Included in the IS document was a price list showing precisely what amount is to be paid for a sex slave, depending on their age, with the price increasing for younger women and underage children. The MEMRI site shows the price list as follows:

  • A woman aged 40 to 50 – 50,000 dinars ($43)
  • A woman aged 30 to 40 – 75,000 dinars ($64)
  • A woman aged 20 to 30 – 100,000 dinars ($85)
  • A girl, aged 10 to 20 – 150,000 dinars ($128)
  • A child under nine – 200,000 dinars ($170)

It seems that the IS has stooped to a new low in its cynical use of religion to justify the enslavement and sexual abuse of women and young girls.

For non-Muslims, and possibly for many Muslims also, it is difficult to understand how these actions can take place all in the name of “Allah.”