‘Teen Titans’ Television Series Confirmed To Shoot Next Year Per DC Comics’ Geoff Johns

A live-action Teen Titans television series has been rumored and talked about for years, but there was never much of a concrete time frame for when it would happen. That appears to finally have changed as now it’s confirmed that it will actually begin filming in 2015.

DC Comics Movie reported that the one-hour live-action television series will simply be called Titans and it’s in the works for TNT. A fan jumped on Twitter and decided to ask DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns about when it could happen.

At that point, the collective comic book-loving world picked up their jaws and waited for what Johns would say next about Teen Titans. He didn’t make them wait long.

As Comic Book Resources stated, it was back in September when the talk of a Teen Titans live-action TV series really got going. That was when it was known that Mark Haimes and Akiva Goldsman would likely be on board as executive producers.

Titans is going to be centered on Nightwing, aka Dick Grayson, and it’s very possible that other characters from the comic books could make appearances. It’s already been said that both Raven and Starfire are expected to be part of the team once it begins.

For those not aware, Grayson is actually the former Robin who trained and learned under Batman. Trying to get out of his mentor’s shadow, Robin became Nightwing and took the leadership role of the Teen Titans so that he could move forward and become his own person.

At this time, it’s known that the pilot for Titans will shoot in 2015, but there isn’t a whole lot else known about the series.

Fans hope that the pilot will bring about great success such as happened with The Flash, Arrow, and Gotham. Some are also skeptical of how focused the series will be on just the main characters.

Geoff Johns may end up having a lot to do with the new Teen Titans live-action series, or he may just sit back and let it be successful all on its own. Either way, he’s in the know for what’s happening with it and he’s set the comic book world on its edge.

Now, the only question is: who do you want to see as a part of the Titans team?

[Image via DC Comics]