Floyd Mayweather’s FaceTime Call With Earl Hayes: Police Collecting Audio And Video Records Of Hayes’ Murder-Suicide Rage Over Stephanie Moseley And Trey Songz

The shocking death of 30-year-old Stephanie Moseley at the hands of her husband, 34-year-old rapper Earl Hayes, has left fans searching both Moseley and Hayes’ Instagram accounts for clues about their tragic deaths, reports the Inquisitr. Moseley and Hayes were married in 2008, and reportedly experienced problems over infidelity.

On December 9, more details about the murder-suicide began to emerge with the Los Angeles Times confirming from a law enforcement source that police have indeed reached out to Floyd Mayweather to retrieve any electronic FaceTime records they can gather that took place immediately prior to, during and after the death of Stephanie Moseley and her husband, Earl Hayes.

Trey Songz is a name that continues to emerge, as TMZ reports Earl Hayes separated from Stephanie circa 2012 because of Moseley’s alleged adulterous affair with Songz, stating that even when Earl and Stephanie reunited, Hayes often brought up Trey Songz.

“He was crushed and never got over it.”

The only reported response from Trey Songz about the incident has come from Songz’ verified Twitter account.

“R.I.P babygirl. Once an angel on earth, now watching over us from Heaven. You’ll b missed but never forgotten. Love…”

Meanwhile, Floyd Mayweather heard everything, says TMZ, and although Mayweather reportedly pleaded with Hayes to get his rage under control when Earl told Floyd he was going to kill Stephanie, apparently Mayweather’s pleas fell on deaf ears. There have been no reports or 9-1-1 calls released thus far confirming whether or not Floyd Mayweather called the police at any point during the FaceTime call.

Floyd Mayweather had a hard time dealing with what he heard and witnessed during the horrific murder-suicide, sources told TMZ. Mayweather was photographed at an L.A. Clippers basketball game Monday night after what must’ve been a horrible FaceTime call with his friend Earl Hayes, and perhaps Mayweather attended the game to try and restore some sort of normalcy to his life after being a witness to the murder-suicide of Hayes and wife Stephanie Moseley.

According to the above Los Angeles Times video, as many as 10 shots rang out during the melee – with neighbors reporting a pause between the first round of shots and the final two, which witnesses assume may have been Hayes killing himself. The autopsy reports for Hayes and Moseley are expected on Wednesday or later, a Los Angeles County coroner’s official said Tuesday, with potential toxicology reports to follow, if the decision is made to conduct those tests.

[Image credit of Floyd Mayweather: Getty]