June 29, 2017
'The Walking Dead': Beth Greene Petition Gains Steam, Fans Flood Producers With Spoons

Many fans of The Walking Dead were shocked when Daryl Dixon failed to save Beth Greene's life. His trusty crossbow was useless during Beth's death scene, but some Beth supporters think they can save their favorite character's life using nothing but flimsy plastic spoons.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Beth Greene fans recently started a Change.org petition begging The Walking Dead producers to bring Emily Kinney's character back from the dead. The petition called out the writers for using Beth's "sloppy" death "to further a man's (Daryl's) storyline."

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Scott Gimple seemed to confirm the idea that Beth's death was just a plot device used to test the other characters on the show.

"Beth didn't die because she was weak; Beth died because she was strong, and that's painful, and it's not fun and it's not to be taken lightly — and we don't. A lot of things happen on this show that are tragic. How do these characters go on after that? What would motivate them to go on after that?"
The petition to bring back Beth Greene currently has over 40,000 signatures, but fans aren't just filling out a short internet form to convince The Walking Dead heads to re-write history -- they're also flooding the show's production offices with plastic spoons. Fans are writing their favorite Beth quotes on the spoons, and they've been asked to mail as many of them as they possibly can to The Walking Dead producers.

The Beth Greene Deserved Better Facebook page explains why spoons are part of the campaign to bring Emily Kinney's character back. In the season 4 episode "Still," Beth found a souvenir spoon from Washington, D.C. Now Beth fans look back on this moment and see it as foreshadowing that she was supposed to reunite with her family and join them on their quest to D.C. However, Eugene's confession about D.C. proves that everything isn't what it seems on The Walking Dead.

Beth Greene Spoon Campaign

As you can see, Beth Greene fans have already devised a way for the writers to bring her back -- Carol will wake up in the hospital and realize that Beth's death was just a dream. Since she and Beth are fighting for Daryl Dixon's heart, it would make sense for Carol to dream about death's demise. Unfortunately, there's a huge problem with this plan -- season 5 has already finished filming, and Emily Kinney hasn't been seen on the set at all. It's looking like Beth fans probably won't succeed where Daryl Dixon failed.

Good Morning America reported on the Beth story, and it pointed out that Beth's death wasn't just hard on fans of The Walking Dead. Much like Beth, actress Emily Kinney started viewing the people she was surrounded by as her family. Emily looked like she was on the verge of breaking down and bawling during her entire Talking Dead appearance, and she had a tough time talking about how hard it was to leave the show.

"I have a whole life and we all moved there and worked there.... I'm sorry."
Beth was the only teen female character on the show, so it's understandable why so many young women are upset about her death. The Walking Dead spinoff series is going to introduce a female character who is close to Beth's age, and perhaps the writers will keep her around longer now that they realize that there's a very large chunk of Walking Dead fans who want to see the zombie apocalypse through the eyes of a teen girl.

If your heart broke watching Emily Kinney cry on Talking Dead, don't feel too sorry for her -- now she's living like a rockstar. Entertainment Weekly recently unveiled the music video for Kinney's single "Rockstar," which you can check out below. It looks like it was shot in the abandoned building Sasha tried to settle down in during the search for Glenn.

Unfortunately, it looks like Emily Kinney won't get unreleased Walking Dead episodes to send to her rockstar husband anymore (sad face).

Would you like to see the writers find a way to resurrect Beth Greene on The Walking Dead?

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