Owl Goes Swimming: Majestic Owl Goes For A Swim In Lake Michigan, Video Goes Viral

An owl went swimming, and it caught the attention of at least one passerby near Lake Michigan, who decided to video the rare sight. According to The Daily Beast, the owl swam gracefully, an apparent hobby of the predator bird that not many people knew about. Interestingly enough, the Great Horned owl appears to be doing the breaststroke.

The eight second video was posted on YouTube on Dec. 2 and already has nearly two million views.

When animals do cute and/or things that are out of the ordinary and someone catches it on film, those videos usually do pretty well on the internet. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a recent video of an infant gorilla being reintroduced to its mother at the San Diego Zoo went viral. The baby had a collapsed lung and needed medical attention away from its family during the first two weeks of its life.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]