Boy Singing ABCs: Video Of Little Boy’s Failed Attempt At Alphabet Song Sparks Controversy

On Dec. 9, a video of a little boy singing the alphabet song was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop. However, the song isn’t an adorable rendition of a child just learning the alphabet. The problem with the video is that he’s an elementary school-aged child who does not know the alphabet.

The 26-second clip starts off with a man driving and giving an introduction before the song. While the man is presumably the boy’s father, no details have confirmed the speculation. After the first four letters of the alphabet, the song takes an unexpected turn.

The little boy, who appears to be approximately 6 to 7 years of age, apparently has no idea how the song is supposed to go because all he came up with was a scrambled version of the melody with all of the letters out of place. At the end of his failed rendition, the camera shifts back to the man driving the vehicle. He credits the boy’s lack of knowledge to the school system.

The video has received over a quarter of a million views in less than 12 hours. Needless to say, most viewers are outraged. Since it’s obvious the boy is of school age, many are quite shocked that he hasn’t mastered the early learning skill.

Here’s what viewers have to say.

“No it’s not the school fault your kid stupid, you can tell he wasn’t paying attention when he was going with the flow of the song and not getting the letters right. [sic]”

“That kid looks like he about 5 it’s the parents fault not the school. By age 5 your child should know their ABC’s and should be able to count to @least 20. SHAME ON THE PARENTS. [sic]”

“First of all he’s adorable and that’s coming from a man. Secondly his parents are to blame for his lack of knowing his alphabets not his school. My daughter knew her ABC at 1yrs old because me and her mother taught her how to say it. As parents, especially parents from a poverty-stricken community It is our responsibility to teach our kids. We can not keep putting the faith of our children in the hands of the same people who once considered us 3/5 of a man and expect that same system to give us a fair and just chance to thrive at life. [sic]”

Although many viewers blamed the parents for the child’s inaccurate rendition of the alphabet song, a lot of people questioned and scrutinized the school system that the man mentioned at the end of the video.

“F*** y’all mean blame the parents?? Y’all don’t remember A is for apple?? Making the alphabet book with the yarn? Well I did that s*** in SCHOOL!! My pops never taught me s*** I just watched him go to work every day and I ate the food he provided and slept in his house! That’s what parents do, the school is failing him! SMH Or he’s retarded and the pops is in denial! Either way, it’s not good. [sic]”

“His parents and that school failed him.”

Who do you feel should be blamed for the boy’s lack of knowledge? The parents or the school system? Share your thoughts.

[Image via World Star Hip Hop]