Oh, Deer! Woman Deals With Unusual Break-In

A New Jersey woman was the victim of an unusual break-in when a deer busted its way through the front doors of her home while she was putting sweet potatoes into the oven.

Galloway, NJ, police received a phone call to 911 around 3:30 p.m. last Saturday, with a woman reporting that the deer had broke through her front door, ran through the house, and that she had managed to lock the wild animal into her master bathroom.

Upon arrival, police discovered that the deer hadn’t just managed to storm its way through one door, but through two — the deer had shattered through the glass storm door, and then managed to bust through the actual front door, as well, as indicated by the frame damage around the door. The bathroom in which the homeowner had locked the deer also suffered “significant damage,” police said.

The police were able to remove the deer from the home. “After a brief standoff, police were able to safely escort the deer from the residence where it was immediately released back into the wild,” the official statement said.

It’s not the first time a deer has been an uninvited guest in a home. Last May, a family in Pittsburgh had their entire home ransacked by a deer that jumped through a window in their house. The deer broke furniture, ruined the carpet, and even jumped into the homeowners’ bed at one point before a neighbor helped get the deer back outside.

And in October, a deer smashed its way into a Subway restaurant location — and this one had antlers. No one was injured but at one point, the large buck even jumped up on the counter near the cash register. In less than ten minutes it destroyed the entire store, breaking two windows before escaping, running down the road, and entering a local auto parts store. Apparently, moments before the deer began patronizing local businesses, it had been struck and injured by a motorist.

And just last month in upstate New York, a deer jumped through another woman’s window, forcing her and her dog to lock themselves in the bedroom. The animal was a young buck, who certainly startled the homeowner when he simply leaped through her window. The woman called police after securing herself and her dog. The police were just getting ready to enter when the deer made his exit through a separate window in the front.

The deer that jump through windows may be doing so, says one sheriff, because they may become confused by their reflection in the glass.

But as for the deer that not only busted through a glass door and then muscled its way through a closed wooden door — it may be that it just really wanted some of the homeowner’s sweet potatoes.

Of course, as scary as all of these deer break-ins must have been for the people involved, at least the none of the deer had fangs — because yes, deer with fangs actually exist. Read more about that here.

[Image via NBC Philadelphia]