Breaking News: Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton Rushed To Hospital After Car Accident

In a breaking report, it appears that Carolina Panthers star Quarterback Cam Newton has been rushed to the hospital. He was involved in a car accident this morning in Charlotte at Church Street and I-277, close to Bank of America Stadium. It was uncertain if Newton was heading to the stadium for a work-out or not. The Panthers are off today, which would indicate that Newton was not heading to practice.

Cam Newton’s car flipped over on a bridge, and another car also happened to be involved, according to the Charlotte Observer.

Details are scarce regarding the incident at this time, but Cam Newton was loaded into an ambulance and is currently at Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte being treated. Newton’s truck did have the roof flattened. A witness claimed that his truck flipped a number of times before stopping. Here is a picture of the truck, courtesy of Chris Littmann’s Twitter page

Cam Newton truck

This comes just days after Cam Newton and the Panthers were able to look good against the Saints. Newton threw for 3 TDs and 226 yards. The season has not been great for the Panthers and 25 year-old Cam Newton, but the game on Sunday did seem to show improvement in the Carolina offense.

Obviously, Cam Newton and his health are a major concern for the organization today regardless of how the season is going. According to WBTV in Charlotte, Cam was conscious at the time of departure. Newton was not injured and didn’t want to go to the Hospital, but he was sent there as a precaution. Via Twitter, many NFL players have sent out good vibes to Cam. The Charlotte Observer sent out a picture via their Twitter account of Cam being evaluate by medics.

Charlotte Newton

The Panthers organization claimed that they do not believe Newton’s injuries are life threatening. It is not known what is currently going on with him as of yet, however, but they are positive that he will be alright. It is assumed that Newton does have some serious injuries, but the exact injuries are not yet known by the Panthers organization. What that means for his status this Sunday is unknown. What is painful for Panthers fans to hear is that Newton was just getting healthy after having nagging issues all season long. He could be out the rest of the season due to this accident, which would ruin an already down season for Carolina.

As soon as more details are known regarding Cam Newton, The Inquisitr will update.

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