The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: Where Male Celebrities Go ‘Model Shopping’ [Video]

As the broadcast of the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show approaches, fans of Victoria’s Secret are learning that male celebrities love the show. Is it because they want to buy the best and hottest new lingerie for their significant others? Well, not quite.

The Inquisitr previously reported that the show, held in London last month, featured performances by Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. But it wasn’t those performances, or the nightlife of London that drew male celebrities to the show. It was, as the New York Post described it, the opportunity to go “model shopping.

Photographer Nigel Barker says that when he gets his invitation to the show every fall, his male friends all appear, “out of nowhere, wanting to come to the show.”

Barker, who starred with former Victoria’s Secret model Tyra Banks, on America’s Next Top Model, calls the Victoria’s Secret show a “sporting event.” He says that when one of his male friends gets picked to go, “they’re very pleased with themselves.” Barker says,

“It’s high-energy, and it’s almost like a football-stadium scenario. It’s not like a regular fashion show. There are like 30 rows of seats going high to the ceiling. It’s like a Greek amphitheater.”

The sport at the Victoria’s Secret show, for some male celebrities at least, is “model hunting.” Some celebrities literally beg Victoria’s Secret for invites to the show, in hopes of “scoring” with a model, according to an unnamed source. And the guys, according to the source, include rock stars, “Hollywood leading men,” well heeled corporate executives, and those who are somehow connected with the Victoria’s Secret brand. In other words, men who shouldn’t have any trouble meeting famous, attractive women on their own.

Begging for tickets pays off for some celebrities, such as actor Ed Westwick. Victoria’s Secret granted Westwick’s request, and the star of Gossip Girl was so happy he has been posting pictures of himself, and some of the Victoria’s Secret “Angels,” on Twitter ever since the show concluded.

Other celebrities, or semi-celebrities, aren’t as lucky. Vince Offer, who hawks “Sham-Wow” on tv, always gets turned down by Victoria’s Secret, although one source said that, several years ago, Offer did get to attend the after party.

Before these celebrities and businessmen spend too much time and energy trying to get tickets to the Victoria’s Secret show, they might want to spend a little time finding out what men the Victoria’s Secret Angels find appealing. Fame10 explains in a brief article what some of the Victoria’s Secret models say they are looking for: good looks, talent (especially musical talent), and business skill. E! offers a brief video where some of the models share their thoughts on the subject.

The New York Post says that one insider told them that he has been offered bribes amounting to “thousands of dollars” from men who desperately want to attend the show and after party. A source says that the after party is where things are really happening.

“All of the Angels are there, the booze is flowing, and the room has been carefully curated. You have to imagine that the women know these men are all there for a reason, whether they’re connected to the brand, are a celebrity, or it’s a case of pay-to-play. It’s definitely not amateur hour.”

Former Victoria’s Secret model Kylie Bisutti wrote a tell all book in 2013, titled I’m No Angel. In it, she claims that Victoria’s Secret likes to encourage match ups between the Angels and the celebrities who attend the show. Victoria’s Secret has said that Bisutti made “numerous fabrications and misstatements” in her book.

[Image via Modelinia]