Jayne And Jon Cornwill $50,000 Baby: Couple Spends $50,000 To Choose Baby’s Sex

Jayne and Jon Cornwill spent $50,000 to choose the sex of their baby, something that is apparently becoming a new trend. According to Yahoo! News, the Cornwill’s really wanted to have a baby girl so they left their home in Australia and headed for California to do pre-implantation genetic screening. After having three boys, the couple didn’t want to chance not having their fourth be a girl, so they researched their options.

“My husband wanted a little girl that he could one day walk down the aisle. I wanted that relationship — the bond between a mother and daughter,” said Jayne during an interview with Today Australia.

Jayne and Jon Cornwill spent $50,000 on their baby after Jayne says she suffered “gender disappointment.” She says that she was extremely depressed, mourning the “death of a baby” that she never had.

“My desire for a daughter caused me to spiral into depression and left me virtually housebound. Every time I went out, toddlers in pink seemed to taunt me,” Jayne said. The feelings of sadness got so bad, the Cornwills decided to do something about it. Baby Emmerson joined her three big brothers earlier this year.

According to Starcasm, the trend of being able to choose the sex of your baby is becoming more and more popular — and the process has become more and more successful over the years. Of course it’s not easy, and it’s not cheap, but it is an option.

“The process can only be performed along with in-vitro fertilization, which accounts for a large chunk of the cost. The ability to choose the sex of the baby while analyzing embryos selected during the IVF process is motivating many couples to choose IFV treatments even when they are not having fertility issues.”

Jayne and Jon Cornwill spent $50,000 on their baby to ensure that it was a girl, and plenty of other people have done the same sort of thing. Many people suspect that this will become even more popular in the future and, over time, maybe less expensive.

While not everyone can afford this procedure, it would be a nice option to have, especially for families that want to experience having both a son and a daughter. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a family in West Michigan found out that they were expecting baby #13. They have twelve boys already, and have chosen not to find out the sex of their 13th child. While they both would like to have a little girl, they just assume they are having another boy. It’s unknown if the couple would have done pre-implantation genetic screening if it was a viable option.

[Photo courtesy of Jayne Cornwill / Facebook]