‘Destiny’: How To Unlock Weekly Strikes For ‘The Dark Below’

The introduction of The Dark Below expansion to Destiny today requires PlayStation and Xbox players to complete certain tasks before they are able to access the new Strike in the Weekly Nightfall and Heroic playlists. Aside from actually purchasing DLC, you’ll need to complete some quests from the new Eris Morn vendor first.

Eris is located just to the left of where you spawn in the Tower. Simply turn left and you’ll see a ship hovering off the platform. She is located right there to get you started with the purchased The Dark Below content. The rest could be considered spoilers if you continue.

Destiny Tower Map - Eris (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

You’ll need to complete some quests for Eris before you can access any the Strikes or the Raid in The Dark Below. This is part of Bungie’s story push with the DLC following complaints about the story in the main part of Destiny. I’ll leave it up to you comment on whether it works or not.

There are three quests that you must complete for Eris, one at a time. These are essentially bounties, though, so you’ll want to have at least one bounty slot open. Once those are completed, you’ll receive a new bounty to kill 25 Hive Knights or Wizards. You can check out the Earth map below created by PSN user GOBbluth89 and shared to imgur below to help find the quest and bounty locations.

There are a couple of options for completing the Knight and Wizards bounty quickly. You can go to the Rocketyard on Earth where you will find four Knights that can be killed quickly only to spawn again. You can also run through the Summoning Pits at a Heroic difficulty level to quickly complete any of the new DLC missions.

Destiny Earth Map (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Once that bounty is completed, you can turn it in and receive three new Patrol bounties to complete in the Cosmodrome on Earth. These patrols are located in the Refinery, Terrestrial Complex, and Lunar Complex. Note that players from the Destinysub-Reddit are reporting that the entire Fireteam will need to be together and participating to get credit for these patrol bounties. Here are the details on the three patrol bounties.

Heart of Crota – After you spawn in the Cosmodrome, go to the Rocketyard as if you’re doing the The Devil’s Lair strike. You’ll find a kneeling Acolyte in the Refinery. Once you kill him mobs will flood the area along with a Witch named the Heart of Crota. Kill her and the bounty is complete. You’ll need to return to orbit once complete to continue the next bounty.

Hand of Crota – Once you spawn in the Cosmodrome, go through the Mothyards to the Lunar Complex. You’ll find a Thrall hiding in the back right corner of the room where you first encounter the Hive. Killing it will cause another horde of mobs to spawn. This includes a Knight named Hand of Crota. The bounty is now complete and you do not have to go back to orbit after this bounty is complete.

Eyes of Crota – Go through the Lunar Complex to Skywatch and then the Terrestrial Complex. Continue through the Terrestrial Complex until you are outside once again. You’ll find a kneeling Acolyte in front of an urn. Take the urn to cause three golden Acolytes to spawn. Once they are killed, the bounty is complete.

Once these patrol bounties are complete, you will have access to this week’s Nightfall and Heroic Strikes featuring the Will of Crota. You do not have to complete any additional bounties.

Players won’t have to repeat these steps the next time the Will of Crota comes around as the Weekly Nightfall and Heroic Strike. We’ll have to wait and see if Bungie changes its policy of not offering an alternative Strike to non-DLC owners, however.

What have your impressions of The Dark Below been so far? Sound off in the comments below.

[Images via Bungie, Imgur]

[Update: Added the specific details of the three patrol bounties.]