Louis Head: New Video Of Michael Brown’s Stepfather Inciting Riots Emerges, Ferguson Police Now Investigating (Video)

Louis Head is making headlines yet again. For those who missed it, footage of Michael Brown’s stepfather surfaced following the Ferguson grand jury decision. In the video, he could be heard yelling, “Burn the b***h motherf***er down! Burn the b***h down! Burn the b***h!” The controversial video quickly caught the attention of the media and many people began accusing Head of inciting riots. Although he could clearly be heard instigating in the video, no charges were brought against him. Now, that could possibly change.

According to CBS St. Louis, another video has surfaced and Head’s controversial comments are a lot more suggestive. In addition to the previous comments, he can also be heard saying, “I’m going to start a riot.” The video was reportedly recorded by Al Jazeera America the night the grand jury decision was announced. Now, the Ferguson Police Department is currently investigating the latest video.

“We are pursuing those comments and there’s a lot of discussion going on about that right now,” Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson told Fox News. Here’s the new video.