‘Sons of Anarchy’ Finale: Why A Certain Spoiler WON’T Ruin Series Ending

If you happen to be one of the few hardcore Sons of Anarchy fans on the internet who was NOT spoiled about a major event in the series finale over the weekend, do yourself a favor and exit this article RIGHT NOW.

That Sons of Anarchy spoiler will be discussed in detail in this article. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Sons Of Anarchy Why A Certain Spoiler

Thanks to a shipping error, a few companion books meant to go with the final season of Sons of Anarchy were sent out early.

Because some people can’t keep secrets, a spoiler related to the series finale found its way to the internet prematurely.

Kurt Sutter wasn’t happy, and neither were the legions of Sons of Anarchy fans who popped on Facebook or Twitter.

Many were greeted, without warning, by a MAJOR spoiler about a certain character’s death.

The Sons of Anarchy character at the center of the spoiler is, of course, the main character in the series, JACKSON “JAX” TELLER.

The idea that such an important element of the Sons of Anarchy finale would be carelessly spoiled is no doubt enraging.

However…is the death of Jax Teller really all that surprising?

Oddly enough, the inevitability of Teller’s death was pondered in an article just ONE DAY prior to the leak.

“This blood-soaked FX drama has held nothing back in its seventh and final season, burning practically every bridge there is to be burned.”

“And once your anti-hero crosses into matricide (however supposedly justified this action is), it’s a move that signals that perhaps a violent end is the only possible remedy.””

“When one falls from grace into absolute villainy, the punishment is meant to fit the crime. And Jax’s fall from grace was so swift and extreme that the penalty must be equal to his misdeeds.”

“Looking back on the past seven seasons, it seems a bit much to ask that Jax Teller live a long life, even one filled with endless guilt. But even a death as “peaceful” as what Jax brought to the resolute Gemma Teller Morrow may be asking for too much.”

I stand by the assertions of the previous article; even though the spoiler may have ruined hope for speculation, it didn’t reveal anything about the fate of this Sons of Anarchy character that many others hadn’t already considered inevitable.

Sons of Anarchy is a violent show.

Jax Teller is a violent character.

Therefore, Sons of Anarchy is due a violent, perhaps even emotionally upsetting ending.

As I said at the close of the Sons of Anarchy spoiler article, a who isn’t the equivalent of a how.

Even with this major SOA spoiler out in the open, there are still questions to be answered, questions that will remain unanswered if an angry fan decides to pass on the end of the series.

How does Jax die? Who kills him and why?

Does he kill himself?

If anything, this revelation opens up the door to speculation as to how the series will end now that we know that Jax Teller will not survive the Sons of Anarchy finale.

One major question is, now that we know Jax Teller is going out, will his death be more or less satisfying than the end met by Walter White in the highly acclaimed series Breaking Bad.

As with Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy may opt to leave Teller’s demise until the closing minutes.

This will give fans of the series the entire final episode to anticipate his end, which creates its own form of emotional drama.

Because of this, it’s perhaps too soon, and not altogether true, that the series end of Sons of Anarchy was completely ruined by the leaked spoiler.

The ending of the series may prove to be emotionally satisfactory (or a complete disappointment) regardless of what happened with the leak.

What say you Sons of Anarchy fans: Did the leak threaten to ruin the series ending or will the series end be able to stand on its own merit, spoiler or NO spoiler?

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