The Struggle For Armrest On Those Cramped Flights Could Soon End With A Simple Invention

A simple invention could signal the end of the arms race that happens 30,000 feet in the air, in cramped commercial airplanes. Called Soarigami, the invention creates a space for both the passengers who share a single armrest on the airplanes that are being increasingly turned into flying tubes ferrying the maximum possible passengers.

Flying in a commercial jetliner has always been a nightmare for many. There are multiple problems when traveling in a long elongated cylindrical tube in the sky. Crying babies, obnoxious passengers, talkative co-passengers to those who let out offensive malodors, air-travel has become extremely uncomfortable for those flying economy class. Fortunately a company has come up with a solution for at least one problem – sharing the narrow armrest with a co-passenger, reported Gizmodo.

Armrests have always been a little too narrow for two arms to rest simultaneously. Hostile elbow exchanges with fellow fliers are frequently listed as among the biggest annoyances of being crammed into an aircraft with other humans. The makers of Soarigami – a device that creates a divided platform to share the armrest comfortably – expect their invention to create friendly conversations rather than angry pushovers.

Quickly Create Some Space On The Armrest
Quickly Create Some Space On The Armrest

The device, which has been priced at $30, is expected to go on sale early next year. Essentially, it is a foldable piece of sturdy plastic that balances atop the existing armrest to create an extended leaning platform. The platform is equipped with a raised barrier that prevents the horrors of actual physical contact, reported News.

Despite the seemingly steep price and the obvious issue some people might have about sharing, the Soarigami, could work to dissolve the hostility among co-passengers, feel its creators. Speaking about the same, Arthur Chang, a Soarigami spokesman said,

"While we do anticipate some travelers to have issues with sharing, we feel like this is a great conversation starter. Both users have an equal share, whereas other products have a winner and a loser."
The Knee Defender Might Create A Hostile Environment, But Soarigami Promotes Sharing
The Knee Defender Might Create A Hostile Environment, But Soarigami Promotes Sharing

Perhaps he was referring to 'knee defender', a gadget that effectively disables the mechanism which allows seats to be reclined. Nonetheless, the team behind Soarigami is pretty confident that their concept 'will fly'. Already in development are future iterations, which could double-duty as an iPad or cellphone carrying case, hinted Arthur.

Soarigami addresses a problem that could have been easily solved amicably if people just exhibited some etiquette. Could the makers of Soarigami experience more success if they offered the product to airlines to be handed to people instead of selling them at 30 dollars apiece?

Bonus: The makers of Soarigami have created an interesting and hilarious video about the perils of flying to promote their product.

[Image Credit | Soarigami]