Robbie Kidd Affair Didn’t Happen? Leah Messer Apologizes To Woman Jeremy Calvert Messaged

Robbie Kidd has been accused of having an affair with married Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer-Calvert. The allegations emerged in late October when Jeremy Calvert took to Twitter to reveal to his followers that his wife had cheated with the same man that Leah cheated on with her first husband. However, the affair has vehemently been denied by both Robbie and Leah, and Jeremy hasn’t filed for divorce just yet. Now, a new report outlining the way Leah handled Jeremy’s leaked Twitter messages between him and another woman suggest that the affair with Robbie may have never happened.

Radar Online reports that Leah actually reached out to Brittany Musick via Twitter direct messaging after learning that Brittany interacted with her husband on the social networking site. In an effort to find out what was really going on between the two, Leah decided to go straight to the source.While this sounds like it would turn out disastrous, the report says that the reality show star was “cordial” to the 27-year-old mother.

“Leah direct messaged Brittany on Twitter to talk about the situation on Thursday night. She actually apologized for Jeremy’s behavior.”

Jeremy’s behavior included sending several direct messages to the mother of one after she tweeted Jeremy telling him she “loved him.” Leah’s husband was quick to make plans to meet up with Brittany who also lives in West Virginia. After Jeremy claimed to be single and no longer with Leah, he and Brittany called each other “sexy.”

After the allegations that Leah Messer had cheated with Robbie Kidd emerged, very little proof of an affair was revealed. It seemed to be more of a “he said, she said” type of situation, but it is obvious that Jeremy Calvert has definitely been talking to other women. However, there have not been any accusations that he has actually cheated on his wife. In fact, after the rumors first emerged, Robbie spoke out about the allegations and maintained that there was no proof, despite what some outlets were saying.

“There’s no deer cam proof anywhere because I wasn’t there for there to be….once again, no deer cams have caught me doing s**t.”

It was alleged that Robbie Kidd had been caught on a deer cam leaving the home that Leah Messer shares with Jeremy Calvert. However, both he and Leah denied that claim and it hasn’t been mentioned in weeks. In fact, it is now being reported that Jeremy may not even file for divorce despite the alleged affair Leah had with Robbie. At the end of November, the Inquisitr reported that Jeremy may have already filed, but that does not appear to have happened yet.

In messages with Brittany, Jeremy claimed that he was no longer with Leah, but the source claims that the Teen Mom 2 is still together. The source claims that, rather than being happy, the reality show star is holding on to a “happy façade.”

Brittany has been accused of being a homewrecker, but she maintains that the Teen Mom 2 star is the homewrecker for rumors of the affair with her and Kidd. While it may never be known for sure if Robbie Kidd did indeed have an affair with Leah Messer, the hype surrounding the alleged affair seems to have calmed down as fans focus on the leaked messages between Jeremy and Brittany.