George Clooney To Be A Father?

Even though George Clooney and Amal Clooney have repeatedly denied the expectation of having a baby together multiple times during their relationship, social media has come alive once again with the possibility that Amal was pregnant after recent pictures showed her with what appears to be a baby Clooney bump.

This is not the first time Clooney has been in the spotlight under the assumption of soon becoming a father. The first set of pregnancy rumors were pushed aside when pictures of Clooney’s wife surfaced showing her in a tight dress that revealed no bump at all, but the new pictures that have surfaced may make rumors hard to dismiss.

To add fuel to the fire, the posture of Amal Clooney with a baggy shirt and her hands placed over her stomach confirmed that something was possibly amiss in the world of George Clooney.

Recently, Amal and George Clooney were pictured side by side leaving a restaurant together with a small group of friends. She wore a loose top and carried a burgundy clutch and an iPhone above her stomach, with an obvious bump of some kind right below which leads fans to believe that it is an obvious baby bump that has grown too big to hide.

While fans of the George Clooney are excited about the possibility of the Clooney’s possible new arrival, the couple is keeping any information regarding the situation very quite.

George Clooney has always been one to keep his private life under lock and key, unless he couldn’t help the information leaking out. So if wife Amal Clooney is expecting, the couple should have time to enjoy the pregnancy without the prying eyes and ears of everyone in the nation.

While the world wonders if there will be a baby Clooney, the couple may not be willing to release the information until the baby is born. They have the right to privacy and to share the intimate time of a pregnancy between the two of them without the world asking about morning sickness and how Amal feels.

George Clooney, being the private person that he is, may not spill until after the baby is born and there is no denying that a baby was in the making. Until then, fans are left wondering if the “baby bump” seen in the most recent pictures is truly a baby bump, or if George Clooney is just an amazing cook.

[ Image Source: Courtney ]