Clint Eastwood Reveals He Had ‘Big Questions’ About Bush’s War On Iraq And Afghanistan

Even though it’s no secret that Clint Eastwood is and always has been a Republican, that doesn’t automatically mean that the Hollywood bad boy agrees with all of his parties’ policies, as he revealed on Saturday following a screening of his new film, American Sniper.

Speaking to reporters at the Academy of Motion Picture Artists and Sciences’ Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills. Eastwood revealed, for example, that he was dead against George Bush’s war on terror in the Middle East, “I was against going into the war in Iraq since I figured we would probably trip over ourselves in some way,” he said.

And it wasn’t only the invasion of Iraq that was on Eastwood’s mind, as he told reporters.

“I had a big question when we went into Afghanistan. Did anybody ever study the history of Afghanistan, not only with the British, but the Russians? There was a Russian general named Vivikov, who was the commander for 10 years there, and I thought, ‘Did anybody ever…?’ So I called a friend of mine who was over there for many years and knew this general. I said, ‘Did anybody from our government ever go and research it like you would a movie? You know, can we film here?’ And they said, ‘No, they never did.’ Vivikov is deceased now, but at the time I thought, ‘Wouldn’t a logical person go out and do a little research and say, ‘How would you do this, Mr. Vivikov? What did you do wrong? And what are we doing wrong? Give us at least a hint.”

The new movie, American Sniper, profiles the career of Chris Kyle, played by Bradley Cooper, a Navy SEAL who was the most effective American sniper during the Iraq War.

Obviously, the film has already stirred up some controversy, with some people suggesting that the movie is the politically conservative Eastwood ‘s attempt to glorify and defend the Iraq War that was initiated by fellow Republican George W. Bush.

Despite the fact that Clint Eastwood has played a violent character in most of his movies, the four-time Oscar winner concluded, “Contrary to public opinion, I abhor violence.”