Queen Latifah Likes Spending Other People’s Money — For This Good Reason

Queen Latifah’s talk show was cancelled last month, but if a recent interview is any indication, she’s not taking the news too hard. She told The Hollywood Reporter the show’s two-year run was positive and gave her the mechanism to improve the circumstances of others.

“As I look back on it, I’m in shock at how many people have come on the show, supported the show and all the great things. I’ve been able to spend other people’s money to change people’s lives, which is the best thing to be able to do. I feel really honored. And I appreciate everyone who tuned in to watch it and support it.”

There will be plenty more Latifah in the coming months. The show does not halt production until the end of the year and viewers can enjoy new programs until March. Next year, Queen is set to star in an HBO biopic about blues singer Bessie Smith.

When Queen first broke the news of the end of her talk show, she took the unusual step of posting a thank you note — to herself, and her staff and supporters — on her Facebook page. It was the first indication she would take the news positively, or at least express positivity in public.

She spoke with The Hollywood Reporter at Friday’s Night of Generosity Gala, which she co-hosted. The event, sponsored by Generosity.org, raised $550,000 to bring clean water to communities in developing countries. Queen indicated a desire to simply look forward.

“I’m going to take a little time and focus on Dana. Focus on D-love for a minute and then I’ll come back out swinging. That’s how I do… You know me; I’ve been here for a while and I’m going to keep going.”

The Queen Latifah Show reportedly posted lower-than-expected ratings. It was broadcast on CBS-owned stations nationwide. Although the show had trouble finding an audience, US Magazine reported that it was nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Talk Series and won an Emmy for Outstanding Hairstyling.

Queen has long expressed that her philanthrophy — whether or not she’s spending other people’s money — is important to her. She spoke, according to the Non Profit Times, at the 48th Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) International Conference in Chicago in 2011 and talked about her background of helping others, starting as a child.

“I got all these accolades because I cared about people. I listened to everyone. I was raised to treat people like people, and never exclude anyone. There were times where I had to make tough choices, where my parents said I might have to stand alone.”

She also told the conference of fundraisers that the ethics of what they do is important.

“The people you go to on behalf of your organization are like me. They care about things. There is no ego. You might have to shake people’s purses a little bit. But as long as it’s done with honor, there is nothing wrong with that.”

[Queen Latifah Image via Shadow and Act]