Heather Pereira: Kentucky Woman Cuts Dog To Steal Pain Medication

A woman in Kentucky was so desperate to get pain medication that she actually cut her dog so the animal could be brought to the veterinarian and prescribed the pills. Heather Pereira took razor blades to her pet and the act of animal cruelty was done just so she could get her pain pill fix.

Per WKYT, Dr. Chad Bailey of the Elizabethtown Animal Hospital in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, was shocked at what happened.

“Something like this is definitely uncharted territory.”

It’s quite hard to comprehend what one would do when a woman cuts her dog on purpose, but that’s simply what Heather Pereira did. Obviously, the well-being of the animal was the last thing on her mind and animal cruelty wasn’t even something she remotely had pass through her brain.

There was suspicion of Heather Pereira when she brought her golden retriever into the vets office where nurses found multiple cuts on the animal that required several sutures. That actually happened twice in October, and then a third time on December 4.

Some wondered why it took three different times of the woman cutting her dog for the animal hospital to take action. Dr. Bailey said that people are sometimes given the benefit of the doubt.

“Typically, as veterinarians, we see the best of people, people rescuing unwanted pets, people rescuing pets that have been hit on the street.”

According to WLKY, the situation with Pereira has brought forth levels of animal abuse that have never even been witnessed before.

Elizabethtown Police Sgt. Timothy Cleary and other officers were called in to place Heather Pereira under arrest for animal cruelty.

“This was the third time the dog had been to the clinic since Oct. 17, and all three times, it was there it was for injuries, lacerations that it received.”

Upon coming into the hospital to bring the dog, which has been renamed Alice by doctors, Pereira would ask for a powerful pain medication called Tramadol. It’s a controlled substance made specifically for dogs.

Police did an investigation after being called by doctors and nurses at the animal hospital. Upon arriving, Heather Pereira confessed her wrongdoing, and actually admitted she cut her dog and did the same thing at a Louisville animal clinic for more pain medication.

Alice has since found a home with a foster family and is doing well.

As for Heather Pereira? She said she needed the pain meds because her child had flushed hers down the toilet. The only problem is that she doesn’t have any children. Now, she’s been charged with three counts of animal torture and obtaining a controlled substance by fraud.

[Image via WKYT]