Kurt Cobain Movie Kicks Out Courtney Love, Will Daughter Frances Bring Up The Suicide Letter?

The new Kurt Cobain movie is already potentially controversial because Courtney Love will not be directly involved in the making of the documentary. Instead, Kurt Cobain’s daughter, France Bean Cobain, will be an executive director on the film, which could potentially indicate the movie will not exactly be supportive of Love.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, it’s possible that Kurt and Courtney created the first ever celebrity selfie. Courtney also admitted that she may have lost $27 million of Kurt Cobain’s net worth.

The filmmakers behind the Kurt Cobain movie promise it will be an “intimate portrait” of the music legend. Director Brett Morgen was first approached by Love back in 2007 to make a documentary based upon the video archives, which has never been seen by the world. But apparently the daughter has largely taken over the project.

“[Courtney Love] gave me the keys to this kingdom and final cut of the film,” says Morgen according to The Hollywood Reporter. “At a certain point, I started working more closely with [Frances Bean]. We [all] agreed that because Courtney was a subject in the film, it would be best if she wasn’t given editorial control. She hasn’t seen the movie. I’m not sure she’s intending to. [Still], Courtney brought me into the world, and the film would not exist if she hadn’t reached out to me.”

Since Frances Cobain is the executive director it’s possible the portrayal of Love may not paint a pretty picture. Frances and Courtney have publicly battled in the past, and in 2009 Frances secured a restraining order against her own mother. We also know that Frances will not attempt to “romanticize” her father’s suicide based upon comments previously made on Twitter.

“The death of young musicians isn’t something to romanticize… I’ll never know my father because he died young and it becomes a desirable feat because people like you think it’s ‘cool. Well, it’s f**king not. Embrace life, because you only get one life.”

In addition, Kurt Cobain’s suicide note was released by police earlier this year, and they revealed that Kurt may have blamed Courtney for his state of despair.

“Do you Kurt Cobain take Courtney Michelle Love to be your lawful shredded wife even when she’s a b***h with zits and siphoning all [yr] money for doping and whoring?”

This suicide note stood in stark contrast to the first publicly released note that read:

“I have a goddess of a wife who sweats ambition and empathy and a daughter who reminds me too much of what I used to be, full of love and joy, kissing every person she meets because everyone is good and will do her no harm. And that terrifies me to the point to where I can barely function. I can’t stand the thought of Frances becoming the miserable, self-destructive death rocker that I’ve become.”

What would you think of the Kurt Cobain movie if it criticizes Courtney Love?