WWE News: Legendary Announcer Jim Ross Reacts To CM Punk Signing With The UFC

Since CM Punk made the shocking decision to sign with the UFC, the news has since fizzled. Given that Punk recently “broke the Internet” twice in a month, his name simply not being in the news is a revelation. Remember, Punk left the WWE nearly a year ago. Yet, the WWE fans continue to chant his name. Come 2015, the UFC fans will be chanting the name for a man that will actually be there.

Punk took the world by storm as many outlets, including ESPN, FoxSports.com, and TMZ picked up the gigantic story. A former-WWE champion that should’ve never made it in the business picked up every headline in the world. Punk didn’t do it in a WWE ring, but rather in front of the octagon at UFC 181.

What would a huge announcement be without reactions from those in the business? Aside from current-UFC fighters and former-WWE wrestlers, few men that have experience in both avenues are inputting their opinions on the subject. Jim Ross, legendary WWE announcer and current-UFC analyst weighed on the signing by Dana White by calling it a “no-brainer.”

For White, signing Punk is a no-lose situation. Punk brings with him immense name identity globally via WWE, and his main event visibility there for the past several years. When one’s former company — WWE — is in more than 150 countries in multiple languages, then one of their top and most popular stars is going to be known around the world, which makes Punk a highly marketable fighter — at worst, one time.

The column is a phenomenal one that looks at the signing from a few different aspects. Ross is one that understands both businesses and their intent. WWE is a completely different animal than the UFC. That could be the reason why Vince McMahon doesn’t see the UFC as competition. Because of the signing of Punk, they immediately turned into competition.

This move by Punk is comparable to a huge WWE superstar going to WCW in the 90s. Without being on television for the last year, Punk was always the most popular to the fans. To prove it, they still chant his name every week and he’s with another company now. Tonight on Raw, there were only a few “CM Punk” chants. Regardless, he’s still remembered and missed in the WWE.

Jim Ross put it perfectly when he said that it’s a no-lose situation. WWE built up CM Punk; now Dana White is using that popularity to continue to build his company. White executed a perfect business move. He will only make even more money with Punk’s name alone. CM Punk won’t be the next Middleweight champion, but he will draw attention, regardless of his record.

[Image via sescoops.com]