Disney’s ‘Finding Dory’ Plot Revealed, New Characters Announced

Details of the forthcoming Finding Nemo sequel, Finding Dory, have been revealed to fans at the recent Comic Con Experience in Brazil (CCXP). Jim Morris, the president of Disney, took time to explain what can be expected from the sequel. In addition to sharing the basic plot, he also revealed unfinished scenes, concept artwork, and some new animation software.

Finding Dory will follow Dory, Marlin, and of course Nemo, on an epic journey to find Dory’s parents and her origin, according to Movie Pilot. The movie will begin in the ocean, but it was revealed that much of the story will take place in the Marine Biology Institute of California. Many species of marine life are studied in the Marine Biology Institute, and more are studied while there. Dory finds out that she was born in the institute prior to being released into the wild and meeting her duo of traveling companions.

New characters that will be introduced include sea lions, an octopus, and a beluga whale, to name a few. It is known that the beluga whale will be named Bailey and will be voiced by Ty Burell. Dory’s mother, Jenny, will be voiced by Diane Keaton and her father, Charlie, will be voiced by Eugene Levy. It is unknown exactly which old friends will make their return, although there is rumor that Gil and Deb will make an appearance. Since an important portion of the film will take place in the Marine Biology Institute, it is unknown how much of the journey will take place in open water. Therefore, characters such as Crush and the sea gulls might only play a minor role in the film.

We can only hope Bruce and the gang make a cameo.


According to Slashfilm, Dory regains her memories while on a school field trip with Nemo, which begins the journey to find her parents. Not much more is known about the plot from there, but it is sure to be jam packed of excitement, much like the original. It is expected that Dory will be the vulnerable protagonist of the story as Nemo shows confidence and bravery at her side, along with his father’s support.

Finding Dory is scheduled to release on June 17, 2016, so there is plenty of time to await more leaks and reveals, as well as an official trailer. What are your thoughts on the plot reveal? Is there anything you would like to see?

[Photo Courtesy: Movie Pilot]