November 2, 2020
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sasha & Brando Connect As She's Taken In By Cyrus

General Hospital spoilers hint that a new couple may soon begin in Port Charles. Sasha Gilmore has turned to drugs to cope with her split from Michael Corinthos, and mobster Cyrus Renault has taken a sudden interest in her. Teasers suggest that her downward spiral will continue in the weeks ahead, but a knight in shining armor may soon try to save her.

As SheKnows Soaps noted in a recent General Hospital recap, Jason talked with Sonny about what he had learned about the situation with Sasha and Cyrus. They began to suspect that Cyrus broke a truce they'd made about bringing drugs into Port Charles.

Luckily, Jason and Sonny have an insider who might be able to dig into this potential drug trafficking issue. Brando Corbin has thrown himself into this mess, accepting a job from Cyrus with the intention of reporting everything back to Sonny.

According to General Hospital spoilers from the new issue of Soap Opera Digest, Brando could end up coming to Sasha's rescue. Could a romance between the two begin to spark as well?

Co-head writer Chris Van Etten seemed to suggest the possibility as he revealed some General Hospital November sweeps teasers.

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A lot of big developments are slated to shake things up in Port Charles during the coming weeks. All signs point toward Cyrus being at the center of a lot of this chaos.

"Brando is going to continue his undercover operation inside Cyrus's cartel and he will cross paths with Sasha," Van Etten details.

Cyrus may be sweet-talking Sasha as if he only has her best interests at heart, but General Hospital viewers know there's an ulterior motive there. By the sounds of things, Brando will suspect the same.

"Brando has a history of drug [abuse] and is all too familiar with the path Sasha is walking down. Will he be able to help her without blowing his own cover?" Van Etten teases.

Could Brando's efforts to help Sasha spark something more? General Hospital viewers have been waiting for him to get a true romantic interest with someone, and the writers have teased a few possibilities.

Brando had a one-night fling with Kristina, and that may well still cause issues in her relationship with TJ. The chemistry possibilities with Brando have been tested with both Sam and Maxie as well.

However, this new November sweeps teaser seems to hint that it may be Sasha who really tugs at Brando's heartstrings.

"Are they thinking of putting Sasha and Brando together?? Interesting, I'd be down for that," one fan said via Twitter.

A few similar tweets have been posted on Twitter over the past few days as well. General Hospital spoilers hint that this potential pairing will begin to connect soon and viewers will be quite curious to see whether the sparks truly fly between these two or not.