Mitt Romney Chooses ‘Born Free’ As Campaign Song, Kid Rock Responds [Video]

Mitt Romney’s campaign will be listening to a lot of Kid Rock as they make their way toward the 2012 presidential election. The Romney campaign has chosen Rock’s patriotic “Born Free” as their official theme song.

So how does Kid Rock feel about his song being used by Romney? He’s all for it. Well, he’s all for anyone using his song.

Kid Rock said:

“He and anyone else who wants to use my song do not need my permission. I said he could use it and I would say the same for any other candidate. I have to have a little faith that every candidate feels like he or she can help this country. Without faith, we got nothing…. I make music to have it be heard. Merry Christmas folks! Rock on.”

Here’s Kid Rock’s “Born Free.”

The Washington Post reports that Romney played the song on Tuesday when former Vice-President Dan Quayle endorsed him.

Romney’s camp hasn’t detailed why they chose Kid Rock’s song, but the New York Daily News says that Romney is probably trying to use Rock’s “everyday man from Detroit” persona to shed his buttoned up elitist image.

Rock told Piers Morgan earlier this year that he doesn’t consider himself a Democrat or a Republican. Rock said:

“We don’t want a bunch of bible-thumpers…and we don’t want a bunch of pot-smoking hippies.”

And for the 2012 election, Rock says that he hasn’t decided who to vote for. If any candidates are concerned about wrapping up Kid’s vote, however, the singer has a little advice. Rock said:

“Any candidate who makes ‘So Hott’ their theme song has a good chance of getting my vote.”

What do you think of Mitt Romney’s campaign song?