November 2, 2020
Kate Upton Wears Peter Pan Halloween Costume With Liquid Leggings & Justin Verlander Nails His Hook Look

Kate Upton and her family members transformed into characters from Neverland on Halloween, and her husband was cast as the fantasy island's villain.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model took to Instagram on Saturday to share a fun photo of her family all dressed up in their elaborate themed costumes. Kate's look was based on the impish protagonist of author J. M. Barrie's beloved children's tale about a flying forever-boy from a faraway land. Her Peter Pan outfit included an olive-green tunic with a tattered hem and a lace-up detail on the neck. She wore a tan belt around her waist, and her jaunty pointed cap topped with a red feather made it obvious who she was supposed to be. However, she gave her look a modern twist by rocking a pair of black liquid leggings underneath her top. On her feet, she sported a pair of black suede ankle boots with tall block heels.

Kate's husband, Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander, played the part of the adult nemesis of the boy who would not grow up. He nailed his dashing Captain Hook look, which included a fancy red overcoat decorated with ornate gold appliques and rope trim. Layers of crimson lace ruffles also adorned the collar and cuffs. He wore a matching wide-brimmed pirate hat and a fake hook hand. A long and curly dark wig totally transformed his appearance, and he even had a fake sword slung over one hip. He completed his ensemble with a pair of black pants and dress shoes.

The family dog also joined in on the fun. Harley was dressed up like the crocodile who chomped off the pirate captain's missing hand. The cute pooch even wore a large clock around his neck.

Kate and Justin's adorable 1-year-old daughter, Genevieve, rocked her tiny green Tinker Bell costume. Her fairy dress had a tutu skirt, and white pompoms decorated the toes of her ballet flats. She held a sparkly silver wand topped with a star.

Kate's mom, Shelley, looked beautiful in a Wendy costume that was comprised of a long blue dress with a darker blue belt and a matching hairbow. You can see the family photo below.

The group posed in front of an arch designed to look like trees and branches that formed the word "Neverland." An unidentified person behind Kate appeared to be dressed as Peter Pan's shadow in an inky replica of her look that covered their body from head to toe.

Kate's followers were delighted with the whimsical group costume.

"Look out for that Hook! Awesome," one fan wrote in response to her Instagram post.

"Someone is the shadow that's the best part tbh," read another message.

"Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning!! my absolute favorite," a third admirer commented. "You guys nailed it!"