Krypton Will Be A Superman Origin Story On Syfy Channel

The Syfy channel, hoping to draw fans of the Batman origin series, Gotham, has a Superman origin story in the works, which will bear the title of Superman’s home world, Krypton. Syfy has recruited David S. Goyer, writer of The Man of Steel, to executive produce the series and has hired Ian Goldberg (Once Upon a Time, FlashForward) to write the pilot, as well as to executive produce the show alongside Goyer. In addition to Man of Steel, the self-described long-time comics fan can count The Dark Knight trilogy and the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice among his credits.

It will be interesting to see how Syfy will handle a series that will not take place on Earth nor have any human characters. According to Entertainment Weekly, Krypton will follow the family known as the House of El,with emphasis on Superman’s grandfather as the elder leader of the House of El, who struggles to bring reform and peace to a world torn apart by turmoil and apathy. The premise of the series revolves around this Krypton, a planet in disarray, to become worthy of producing the man that would become ‘the greatest superhero ever known.’

Krypton may do well and draw viewers to the Syfy channel as the influx of superhero-themed television shows takes over. In addition to Krypton, Deadline reports that another show based on that same mythology, Supergirl, is coming to the CBS television network. Fox has the shows Lucifer and Global Frequency in the works, as well, and TNT is working on another DC Comics themed show, Titans. These new series, including Krypton, will join a slew of other shows already enjoying success, including Gotham at Fox, Constantine at NBC and Arrow and The Flash at the CW.

For Syfy, Krypton will help the cable channel return to the scripted original series that drew viewers in the past, but creating a world that is still fresh in the minds of potential viewers may prove challenging for the ambitious cable channel. Catching glimpses of Krypton in Man of Steel, visions of a highly technological world with dragons domesticated for use and political upheaval and espionage are still fresh in the minds of fans, and those fans will, no doubt, expect more of the same in the Krypton origins story.

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