Leonardo Dicaprio Leaves Club With Two Dozen Women: Is He Done With Toni Garnn?

Leonardo DiCaprio might be done with Toni Garnn, and he might be single. Actually, he might be very single and enjoying it as he reportedly left a Miami night club over the weekend with some two dozen women.

Sorry, make that two dozen models.

Leonardo DiCaprio left a club with 20 women. The other 30 caught up later after taking bathroom selfies.

— Sassafrantz (@Sassafrantz) December 9, 2014

According to The Huffington Post, DiCaprio was at the popup version of 1 Oak at Rec Room in South Beach on Sunday evening and realized he had enough. It appears as if close to two dozen models decided to leave with him.

A source even told the New York Daily News that DiCaprio’s party-mates for the evening looked a little frightened. He was hanging out with Joe Jonas and Brandon Davis.

“He left with 20 girls. Leo and 20 girls. He is my hero. He was overflowing with models everywhere. The Jonas brother looked scared, like he was going to drown and suffocate in the women. His face was hilarious.”

Now, the world is wondering if Leonardo DiCaprio and his one-again/off-again girlfriend Toni Garrn are a thing of the past. Obviously, he left the nightclub without her and with 20-something other women, but does that mean they’re done?

Some may think the answer is obvious, but remember, this is Hollywood. Two nights before DiCaprio had his romp with the models, he left that very same 1 Oak at Rec Room with Garrn. Still, it’s not like he was thrilled to be there on that Friday evening.

One source said, “You would never have thought they were together. [DiCaprio] wasn’t really paying attention to her.”

As soon as word got out that DiCaprio may be single, the Internet exploded with those thinking they may have a chance with the popular actor.

There are those that also let their jealousy shine through at the thought of what DiCaprio is capable of and what they can do at parties.

Sure, Leonardo DiCaprio may have not won an Oscar just yet, but his time is sure to be coming. Until then, he will likely just enjoy his life, keep on making movies that people love, and bringing home brothels. As for Toni Garnn, there are millions of women wondering what she could possibly be thinking.

[Image via The Daily Beast]