‘The Voice’ Semi-Finals: The Best Performances And Most Likely Top 3

On Monday evening, the top five finalists on The Voice performed twice, each hoping to secure a spot in the finale.

There’s an interesting twist to this late stage of The Voice: The bottom two will not be sent home.

Instead, they will join the other eliminated members of the Voice Top 12 for a second shot at making it to the final show.

The Voice “Wildcard” spot won’t be easy to secure, but it will be much easier for the remaining five guys after tonight’s impressive performances.

Despite hardly a misstep out of any of the Voice singers, there was one clear standout of the night: Matt McAndrew.

Tackling both an Ed Sheeran song and a U2 song in the same night? Definitely a tall ask of any talented singer. But Matt not only ably and confidently performed, he owned the stage.

As close as the competition was between the remaining Voice hopefuls, McAndrew perhaps came closest to outright throwing down the gauntlet.

He wasn’t alone in terms of having a “moment”.

Country/rock musician Craig Wayne Boyd took the Voice viewers to church with a passionate performance of “The Old Rugged Cross”.

Boyd admitted he felt “blessed” to be on The Voice, living his dream before America. It’s also no secret that the country music audience tends to be a heavily religious one, and he probably earned all the brownie points to be had for song choice of the night.

Most improved has to go to Chris Jamison, who manages to improve every week. His falsetto is amazing, and it’s such shame he left his transformation for so late.

Despite lagging behind the front runners all season, he’s morphed into something of a dark horse.

He will very likely fall into the bottom two, it’s just a matter of which other Voice competitor will join him.

Damien came next closest out of the remaining five Voice singers to the bottom, but never actually dropped.

There’s a first time for everything, and this will likely be it.

With Matt McAndrew, Craig Wayne Boyd, and Taylor John Williams as the most likely top three, that leaves nine other singers to compete for a fourth spot in the season finale of The Voice.

Luckily for both Damien Lawson and Chris Jamison, they are the Voice singers freshest in the mind of the audience. They are also clearly more popular than anyone else previously voted off.

This new “twist” is, we can admit, a last ditch effort to assure that everyone competing on the final episode The Voice should be there.

America is known for last-minute mistakes that let persons who SHOULD win the show go home early.

However, this seventh season of The Voice has been filled with talent. Of the remaining hopefuls, it’s clear that whoever wins the show and prize, he will deserve it.

Who do you think is headed to the finale? Who will likely claim the “wildcard” fourth spot?

[Image Credit: The Voice Official Twitter]