Rumor: Which Major Batman Character Is Already Dead In ‘Batman V Superman’?

We’ve still got quite a while to wait before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters, but there’s a lot more to do than just complain about the title for DC’s Justice League launchpad. There are, for instance, tons of potential spoilers to enjoy, including a new one about a major Batman character who might already be six feet deep by the time Batman v Superman‘s opening credits roll.

As aforesaid, Batman v Superman is going to serve as the jumping off point for DC’s Justice League Cinematic Universe, which Warner Bros. hopes will prove as successful as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That means Batman v Superman is going to be packed to the gills with characters from the DC Comics.

We can already expect cameos or extended appearances from Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa as a radically different Aquaman, and possibly Jena Malone as a female Robin. That’s not even including other appearances from other Justice League characters and the Suicide Squad, as Warner Bros. looks to be cramming the basis for an entire universe into one movie.

With all of those characters likely set to make an appearance, some of DC’s character stable has to fall by the wayside, lest Batman v Superman turn into a “Too Many Cooks” style series of introductions. We already know that Alfred Pennyworth, Batman’s wisecracking, long-suffering butler, will be played by Jeremy Irons, so that character’s safe. So who gets the axe? Which characters from the Batman mythos won’t be making it into Batman v Superman?

It’s just a rumor, but a potentially major spoiler has leaked out by way of BadAssDigest. Rumor has it that none other than Gotham Police Commissioner James Gordon will already be dead by the time Batman v Superman opens.

“How and at whose hands I cannot tell you,” they write over at Badass, “all that’s noted in the script is that there’s a memorial plaque to James Gordon. This explains why the role wasn’t cast for the film, at least.”

A dead Commissioner Gordon likely wouldn’t have too much of an impact on the plot of Batman v Superman, but it could have major implications for any future Batman movies that Warner Bros. might want to make. Gordon plays a big role in the Batman mythos, and it would take some doing to fill the hole left by his character if and when more Batman movies are made. Warner Bros. could, of course, just set the Batman movies before Gordon’s death – the Wonder Woman movies are rumored to be set before the events of Batman v Superman – but that raises some questions about just how Warner Bros. would go about really tying together the Justice League characters’ stories.

Of course, this is all rumor and conjecture, and it will likely remain so until Batman v Superman hits theaters in 2016. Still, a dead Jim Gordon both does and doesn’t make sense. What do you think? Is Warner Bros. writing itself into a corner by killing off a major Batman character just as it prepares to launch the Justice League and relaunch the Batman franchise?