Stephanie Moseley, Earl Hayes Instagram Posts Leave No Cheating Clues — Life Coach Says Hayes ‘Never Raised A Hand’ To Moseley

Whenever a tragedy like the deaths of Stephanie Moseley and Earl Hayes occurs – reportedly a murder-suicide at the hands of Earl after accusing Stephanie of cheating on him with a famous singer, says TMZ – people turn to Instagram and other social media accounts for clues.

The Instagram account of Stephanie Moseley, a dancer and actress from VH1’s Hit the Floor, shows Moseley had more than 71,200 followers at the time of her death, with Stephanie’s last Instagram posts showing her love for her hometown of Vancouver, Canada.

“Comin’ from where I’m from #604…Nothing more beautiful than my home town. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas #604…”

Moseley added the trademark Canadian maple leaf emojis to those Instagram posts, but nothing on Instagram could’ve prepared her fans for the news that erupted on December 8 about her death at the hands of Hayes, a friend of Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

According to NBC Los Angeles, even Hayes’ own life coach-turned-friend, who considered Stephanie his little sister – Burrel L. Wilks, III – was surprised by the deaths of Moseley and Hayes, specifically because Wilks states Stephanie told him that Earl wasn’t violent with Stephanie.

“I’ve had sit downs with both of them so whatever happened behind those doors we’ll never know, but I heard out of her own mouth, he never raised a hand on her so this is kind of stunning.”

The official Stephanie Moseley Twitter account shows a pretty, single red rose next to the words “Flower girl,” which appears haunting when juxtaposed next to an Instagram post from Earl Hayes from February, showing him holding a single red rose with the claims that he’d be spending that Valentine’s Day alone.

The Earl Hayes Instagram account at shows fewer followers at 16,900 by Instagram’s count at the time of his death.

KTLA reports that Hayes and Moseley were in the process of breaking up their marriage at the time the violence occurred, which experts agree can be a volatile time in any relationship, with the times of separation and divorce being a time that can often cause a “trigger” of emotions to unfurl.

Another popular photo on the Stephanie Moseley Instagram account shows her with singer Chris Brown, an entertainer whom Moseley has previously collaborated with as a dancer – a man who made news himself for an Instagram post he published, and then deleted, about his ex-girlfriend, reports the Inquisitr.

[Image credit: Stephanie Moseley, Earl Hayes Instagram]